01 March 2007 23:52

FSG-Academy | Fibre-reinforced Materials and Rapid Prototyping

Category: Academy
By: Daniel Mazur

The international congress „Plastics in Automotive Engineering” will be held in the Congress Centre Rosengarten in Mannheim from the 21st to the 22nd of March. Over 1500 participants make this event a recognised institution in the automotive calendar.

As part of this congress the VDI is offering an FSG-Tutorial on the 21st of March in the Stamitzsaal. Two lectures will be given:



11.30 – 12.30

Introduction by Dr.-Ing. Ludwig Vollrath, VDI
Fibre-reinforced Materials
Lecturer: Karl Wagner, Carbo Tech Composites GmbH, Austria

14.00 – 15.30

RP-Technologies – Possibilities of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing
Lecturer: Dr. Rudolf Meyer, Fraunhofer-Allianz Rapid Prototyping

You have already gained experience concerning these topics at FSG and have interesting pieces to exhibit? We would be grateful to be able to display them. Please register your exhibit and let it be authorised.

Each university team will receive two tickets after registering. Apart from the tutorial, they we will have access to all other lectures that day. Especially the high performance appliances should prove interesting for many people.

A mandatory registration must be sent to Mrs Tietze-Schmitz tietze-schmitz(at)vdi.de via e-mail by the 15th of March. Therein the name of the university as well the contact details (name and address) of the participants must be stated. Registration will be confirmed via e-mail. The tickets will be handed out to the participants at the FSG counter in exchange for the print-out of this e-mail.

For further information on the congress „Plastics in Automotive Engineering”, please visit following website: www.vdi.de/automotive .

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