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16 August 2023 08:54

FSG 2023 is ramping up - Day 2 Recap

What a Day! Monday's action continued today with inspections beginning for the next set of teams who we invited onto the site today. All the teams and volunteers are working flat out and the only indication of slowing down was for the first Brake Test.

Shoutout to the first Team for passing the manual brake test! Also well done to the 5 teams that passed the driverless test and the 4 who made it through the tilt test. Now that everyone is here, we were glad to get the trophies back again at the Team Welcome Ceremony. Whoever takes them home will surely be looking forward to their sweet additions to compliment the taste of victory!

Our partners put the final touches on their booths today, while our hard working red shirts finished setting up the event site with the support of our white shirts.

As of tomorrow, the partners will open their stands as they look forward to meeting motivated students. We highly recommend visiting them and seeing what they have to offer!

With the Static Events beginning tomorrow, we wish everyone the best of luck, we’re excited to see what you’re prepared for us!

Partners of FSG 2024