29 January 2022 18:02

FSG 2022 Quiz - Feedback

Category: Competition, 2022

On Friday 256 teams finished the registration quiz for Formula Student Germany 2022. The results of the quiz have been published on Saturday, and we received a total of 94 feedback tickets regarding the quiz.

After processing all of those feedbacks, we have decided on the following changes to the scoring of the quiz:

For question 5 answer A4 will not be taken into account for the scoring due to ambiguity.

Moreover question 10 will not be scored since the text did not define the type of the used brake caliper. However, the type of caliper has an impact on the result. Additionally, the simplifications of the problem result in a required average deceleration for the EBS test according to IN 11.2.3, which is lower than the minimum deceleration required in T15.4.3. This leads to ambiguity.

All of the teams that submitted feedback will receive an answer to that via email shortly.

On Monday, 2022-01-31 at 13:00 CET the registration results will be published.

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