22 August 2022 10:50

FSG 2022 – Award Ceremony Part II: Congratulations to all teams

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It’s a wrap – FSG 2022 sadly has come to an end. After only a small event in 2021 it felt great to have you all back on track.

The hard work during the whole year of designing, building, and testing the racecars has paid off. It has been a very successful week of racing at the Hockenheimring. With the full integration if the driverless class into the electric and combustion competition FSG 2022 was a special challenge for all teams.

We congratulate all teams, that have received their well-deserved awards during Award Ceremony Part I and II.

The overall winners of FSG 2022 are:
Formula Student Combustion (FSC) Overall
1st 399 - Karlsruhe UAS: Pictures 
2nd 279 - Györ University: Pictures 
3rd 270 - Coburg UAS: Pictures

Formula Student Electric (FSE) Overall
1st 26 - Stuttgart University: Pictures
2nd 177 - Stuttgart DHBW: Pictures
3rd 14 - Budapest TU: Pictures



Driverless Cup (DC) Overall
1st 110 - Augsburg UAS: Pictures 
2nd 90 - Milano PT: Pictures
3rd 50 - Lisboa IST: Pictures

A big thank you to all team members, volunteers, and partners for making FSG 2022 as exciting as it was.
We are already looking forward to hosting Formula Student 2023.

Please find all official results on the following page: https://www.formulastudent.de/fsg/results/2022 



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