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18 March 2016 18:01

FSE 2016 Items Requests and Electrical System Forms

Category: Competition, 2016

Dear Formula Student Electric Teams,

The web-based forms for ESF Add Item Request (EAIR) are now available. This year we have deleted “Sensors” and improved the "Fuse" category. Firstly, please check whether all items you need for your ESF are already available in the database. Do not request any items which already exist in the database. Should any items appear to be missing, you can add them with the EAIR request. The E-Scrutineers will review your EAIR and it will be approved if everything is correct. Should there be a mistake in the request, you will have 72h to fix it after failing, if you miss the deadline this item will not be added to the database. It will not be  possible to use it in the Electrical System Form (ESF). Also, only mark an item as “private”, if it is self-designed and/or self-manufactured. Bought items will not be accepted as “private”. The reason for setting the item to “private” must always be explained.

Please request all your EAIRs by 1st of April on the following page: 

The web-based Electrical System Forms (ESF) are now available as well. The ESF has been divided over multiple categories to make the review process more efficient. The 2016 ESF consists of 18 separate categories.

The ESFs will be reviewed in order of their submission, so the teams will receive feedbacks on their uploaded documents sooner, if they upload it earlier. In case the FSG Technical Committee requests additional information or calculations, each teams have 7 days from the moment of the request to submit the requested information.

Please use the provided template for the ESF Accumulator Stack Table and describe your system without team internal short cuts. All used short cuts should be explained. Also don't fill out the text fields in the ESF with descriptions like "build after good engineering principle" or "complied to the rules". The starting position of a reviewer is formula student electric based knowledge. So ensure that all information are provided in order for an accurate systems check be performed. This will also check that the safety and rules are adhered to.

Please generate your ESF until 29th of April 12:00 CEST on the following page: 

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