11 August 2017 08:39

FSD: Updated track drive procedure

Category: Formula Student Driverless, 2017, Competition

Based on the experiences from the first ever FSD dynamic events yesterday, we decided to update the procedure for todays track drive event as follows:

  • Track drive is split into two sessions
  • One run per session --> two runs per team, the best run (incl. efficiency) is scored
  • Each run consists of ten laps (ca. 400m per lap), no last lap sign
  • Session one (2 pm – 4 pm) :
    • Running order is already published. 
    • Out of order running: Teams that are not ready-to-race when their turn arrives for track drive are penalized two minutes and may then run at the discretion of the officials.
  • Session two (4 pm – 7 pm):
    • Running order is based upon time of arrival
  • If a vehicle is not able to start a run within 3 minutes, it may be removed from the start and placed at the end of the queue
  • Vehicles will accompanied by an official to Parc Fermé after each run

We are looking forward to another exiting FSD dynamics day!

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