26 April 2016 22:42

FSC & FSE Award "Best Prepared Car for Scrutineering"

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award, FSE Award
By: Torsten Rilka

Would you like to be the first team in the scrutineering order of the FSG 2017 without any quiz? If your answer is yes you should read the following announcement for the “Best prepared car for scrutineering” award carefully.

As you know scrutineering is an important part of the Formula Student events to make sure all participating cars are as safe and fair as possible. Therefore, all provided technical documents are reviewed by scrutineers prior to the event. Furthermore, the men and women in the green shirts will evaluate your car based on the provided documents and criteria according to the rules during the event in Hockenheim. To keep this procedure as short as possible and to let your team go to track we all need to cooperate as one team. Every year the best prepared teams have been the teams who passed scrutineering in a short time. These teams submitted well prepared documents, prepared their cars rules-conform, had all equipment available at technical inspection, brought patterns to the scrutineering for better explanation and did a pre- scrutineering with their own alumni before the event. Based on this successful model we will rank the teams for the award by the following criteria:

  • upload of required documents not later than the specified deadlines described within FSG Rules
  • content and style of documents is engineering-like and requires no extraordinary rework
  • all required documents and equipment is available during scrutineering
  • mechanical scrutineering and electrical scrutineering will be passed during the first scrutineering attempt
  • rain-, tilt-, noise-, and brake test  must be passed at the first attempt

For all the lawyers: First place in scrutineering does not automatically guarantee a registration slot. Winners of the award must also perform the normal registration process for the event. If the winning-team of the award is not registered for FSG 2017 there will be no substitution.

We are looking forward to see you and your well prepared car for scrutineering in Hockenheim.

By the way, there is one trophy for FSE and one trophy for FSC teams and both teams will be on the stage during the first award ceremony on Friday.

Sincerely yours,
The Scrutineers

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