04 July 2007 11:01

Formula Student in Russia!

Category: General
By: Eugene Khmelkov

FS team SEG-MADI is delight to invite all teams to first Russian Pre-Event, which will take place in two weeks after FSG-2007 (August 22-25) in Moscow!

Firstly, we want to organize event, including Formula Student, Formula Hybrid and Mini-Baja. Of course, not many teams are ready to come to Russia, but we’ll do our best for those, who will! Our program includes not only usual tests and races, but also different forums and conferences. More over, we’ll try to show you Moscow and it’s sights after all, help with transportation and living inside country, etc.

If your team is interested in participation in Pre‑Event, we’ll be glad to see you. To make it easier and to interest more teams, we decided to create two classes – usual Class 1 and new one, Class 2.5, which will include all teams, that haven’t ready car or cannot bring it to event.

So, only thing left – is your wish! Just imagine trip to the largest country in the world and come to the Pre-Event to Russia! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Also you can visit our site: www.event.formulastudent.ru

Hope to see you in Moscow this summer,

Eugene Khmelkov


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