01 July 2010 07:39

Formula Student Germany: One event, two competitions, three logos

Category: General

From the 4th until the 8th of August, the fifth Formula Student Germany will take place at the Hockenheimring. Up to now, the event was designed for student-built race cars with an internal combustion engine only.

With this year’s introduction of Formula Student Electric, for the first time, also student-built race cars with a purely electric drivetrain are admitted. As a result, not one but two competitions will take place, both part of the same event.

Both event categories will take part in their own specific competition: Formula Student Combustion (FSC) with 78 cars this year, and Formula Student Electric (FSE) with 18 cars this year.

Both competitions are recognisable by their respective logo:

The FSC and FSE logos will be only used to designate those event items which are specific to one of the two competitions. All items that apply to both competitions will be designated by the standard Formula Student Germany logo.

The same is the case for special awards. For each award it is indicated whether it is open for cars with an internal combustion engine only (FSC-award), forcars with an electric drivetrain only (FSE-award) or for both (FSG-award).

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