10 July 2016 19:09

Formula Student Germany needs you support

Category: General, 2016
By: Klaus Scheuplein

Can you imagine FSG16 without any pictures, timelapses, slowmotions or any aerial footage? Unthinkable right? Right!
!!!That’s why we need you!!! - Your eyes, your ideas, your camera, your drone and your skill set! We are looking for enthusiasts who would like to join out team of photographers and videographers…...
We provide you with free accommodation (hotel or camping site), all you can eat and most important - the beloved bottomless coffee cup.

We - that's team media - are a bunch of enthusiasts. Each of us a good photographer or a good videographer (non of us does it for a living, it’s our passion!). But as soon as we team up there is no idea too fancy to at least give it a try. You have seen a lot of improvement during the last years. But this is not the end, there's more to come.
But this needs hands. Brains. Eyes. Ideas. It needs people willing to stay awake one more late hour to finalize the video or set of pictures and then go to bed three hours later with a big smile on their tired face. It needs people having fun with what they do and loving it to share their work with others.

So. You have a drone? Preferably a pretty pro one maybe capable of lifting a mirrorless cam or a racing drone to chase the cars at racing speed? Don't worry, the normal GoPro style is also perfectly fine! Maybe you are also doing you own aerial videos with editing and music? All in one person? Too good to be true.
Or maybe you are good with GoPros and can do some fancy action stuff? SlowMotion, 360° or bullettime?
'Only' doing stills? We also need some more support for our team of photographers to keep the quality where it is or even lift it upwards.

Interested? Show us some of your footage/pictures and maybe you can join our media team for aerial/video and photography. And don't be afraid, nobody of us is a real pro. We just love what we do.

Any questions or if you want to apply, please contact us via media(at)formulastudent.de
Team Media - Formula Student Germany e.V.​

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