15 November 2011 19:38

Formula Student Gemany visiting China

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In October 2011, for the first time ever, the German Formula Student team “TUfast”, from the Technical University of Munich, travelled to Asia with board members from Formula Student Germany (FSG) to become the first ever international team to take part in the two year old event “Formula Student China” (FS China).

The competition was held at a go-kart track at the Shanghai International Circuit where a total of 37 teams competed against each other with the hope of becoming the winner of FS China. Despite limitations in language and the requirement of translators, TUfast were very strong in all events. They won five of the eight individual events (Design Report, Acceleration, Skidpad, Autocross and Endurance) and came out with a very respectable 2nd place overall. The winning team was the team from Bejing Institute of Technology.

TUfast were greeted in China by their partner university, Tonji University. The FS Team from Tonji University were kind enough to offer support and to allow TUfast the use of their facility.

Dr. Ludwig Vollrath (VDI Society for Automotive and Traffic Systems Technology) and Tim Hannig (FSG) helped to organise this collaboration. Vollrath announced upon return, “Whilst attending the event, we were able to discuss with the Officials of FS China and can confirm that a Chinese Team will attend Formula Student Germany 2012”. He also said that next year, the FS China Officials will allow for four international teams to take part in the competition in Shanghai.

The transport of the car to China was made possible thanks to the support from sponsors of FSG (Audi, Autodesk, BMW, Bosch Engineering, Continental, Daimler, Dekra, Harting, IAV, Mahle, MAN, Tognum, VW, ZF and VDI).

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