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25 January 2016 23:30

First successful step towards FSG 2016 – Registration is completed

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247 teams from all over the world (39 countries) participated in registration, a new record!

Formula Student Germany 2016 is on the way. 115 teams from 24 countries have been able to register for this years’ event which will take place from 9th until 14th August 2016 on the famous Hockenheimring. Once again, 40 Teams will be competing with their electric vehicles at the Formula Student Electric (FSE). 75 Teams will compete against each other in the traditional competition with internal combustion engines, the Formula Student Combustion (FSC). 132 teams are on the waiting list (45 FSE teams, 87 FSC teams) and hoping to get a chance to take part. The whole world will be represented. 61 aktive teams are not from Germany, which shows that the FSG is a truly international event. 

Would you like a little taste of the FSG spirit already? Do you want feel the excitement in the pits, the tension on the track? Then watch the FSG Poem and Teaser, just what you need to get excited again.

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