12 August 2016 11:18

Finally, the first dynamic event takes places today: Skidpad

Category: Competition, FSC Award

Skidpad measures the cornering speed of the car. At Formula Student Germany, the cars perform the skid pad on a wet track, making it the Wet Pad. The Wet Pad guarantees similar track conditions for all teams, namely very wet. The track forms a figure 8. Each car performs two rounds on the right hand directly followed by two rounds on the left hand. Every second round on each hand counts. This completes one run. Each driver is allowed two runs. Overall each team is allowed to perform four runs.

The cars are only allowed to participate once they have fully passed Technical Inspection. There is no specific order for the teams, first come first serve

Skidpad is the first of five dynamic disciplines. In the Dynamics 675 out of 1000 points can be scored.

Skidpad (75 points): measuring cornering speed
Acceleration (100 points): from stand-still on a 75m straight
Autocross (75 points): racing one standing lap on a 1km track
Endurance (325 points): 22km long endurance race
Efficiency (100 points): measuring fuel/energy consumption

The efficiency score factors in the average speed per lap

At least half the endurance should be finished

Not awarded to teams slower than a third of the fastest team

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