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05 August 2019 09:00

Finalists for the "BASF Best Use of 3D Printing Award 2019"

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New “additive thinking” and engineering skill sets are required to bring the full power of 3D printing on the road. With the BASF Best Use of 3D Printing Award we want to appreciate and distinguish innovative approaches that enable next leaps in car component performances, their development and production processes. We are pleased to announce the following finalist.


Finalists "BASF Best Use of 3D Printing Award 2019"

  • FSC Vellore VIT – Car 254
  • FSC Berlin TU – Car 313
  • FSC Milano PT – Car 208
  • FSE Leuven KU – Car 122
  • FSE Dresden TU – Car 59
  • FSE Stuttgart U – Car 26

The judging for the BASF Special Award for FSC Teams will be held on Wednesday the 7th of August and for FSE Teams on Thursday the 8th of August in the Forum.

The judging will be approximately 30mins.

Good luck and may you do well!

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