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06 December 2017 08:55

Driverless: EBS Reference Guide is finally released

Category: 2018, Formula Student Driverless, Competition

We are happy to announce that the Emergency Brake System (EBS) Reference Guide, we presented on the FSG Workshop, is now available for download.

It can be found in the Rules section: Important Documents for FSG 2018.

This document should give you a short reference on how to implement the new EBS rules, as there are some major changes this year which makes the design more complex.

It will give you an overview on how to implement the non-programmable logic part, gives a short introduction on failure detection and failure handling during startup and some suggestions are made on how to design this system redundant.

As this document is made for you, please do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to share some feedback on the document, which will help to improve it for the future. For this please use the forum.

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