02 August 2007 01:30

Design your car - and bring your CVs to FSG!

Category: Competition
By: Birgit Pattberg

You are in the middle of the final preparations for Formula Student Germany, you are testing your cars and making last adjustments to the car’s set-up.

Take a moment (however difficult it may be) and ask yourselves: ‘What am I doing this for?’

The answer: one’s own race car, practical experience, teamwork and fun – living for the moment.

Also correct: for optimal conditions for getting a job and starting a career! For the future.

As a side effect of your commitment to your team you learn a lot about time and project management, you can use CAD as well as a screwdriver, you have an eye for cost effective manufacturing and you can present your results. You have gained experience in interdisciplinary teamwork and know the English terms and vocabulary. These are all qualities employers are looking for.

So, get your applications up to scratch und introduce yourselves to the companies. Internships, theses or jobs – our sponsors would like to meet you! Get to know well-known companies from the automotive and supplying industries at the presentation stands in the FSG Forum. And don’t forget your applications.

Prepare for the competition as well as for your future!

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