29 July 2014 20:37

Daimler “Best E-Drive Packaging “- Finalists and Judging Schedule

Category: Competition, 2014, FSE Award

We invented the motorized vehicle and are passionate about the future of automotive engineering. Our Road to Emission-free Driving stands for our commitment to securing sustainable mobility. Our aim is to markedly reduce fuel consumption and emissions and to eliminate them entirely in the long term. To this end, we are developing a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art drive technologies that meet the specific requirements placed on today’s and tomorrow’s mobility.

If your heart beats also for innovative drive technologies with a highly competitive performance, then we are glad to meet you at „Formula Student Electric“.

This year the following teams were selected to present their innovative technology in the finals for the Daimler award.

E001 Delft, TU
E011 Trondheim, NTNU
E026 Stuttgart, U
E033 Zurich, ETH
E066 Stuttgart, DHBW
E076 Freiberg, TU
E104 Ravensburg, DHBW

The finals will take place in the FSG Forum on Thursday, 1st August 2014. You will find the official schedule in the attached pdf or showcase in Hockenheim.

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