08 August 2018 18:03

Business Plan FSE Finals and FSD Highlight Presentation (WED, 20-21)

Category: Competition, 2018

The first day of #FSG18 Statics Events is almost done. The day will be closed by the FSE Business Plan Finals and FSD Business Plan Highlight Presentation. 43 Business Plan Judges evaluated the whole day creative and exciting concepts concerning a sales, marketing and financial concept for the designed FSG cars. Finally six teams impressed and convinced the judges so much, that they have been nominated to present their concept again in the FSE Finals and FSD Highlight Presentation on stage. In addition to this the FSG Business Plan Judges and the organization team of Formula Student Germany send congratulations to all of the chosen teams.

The FSE Business Plan Finalists are:

  • 25 Dresden TU
  • 26 Stuttgart U
  • 54 Barcelona UPC
  • 65 Melbourne Monash
  • 85 Delft TU

The FSD Business Plan Highlight Presentation will be performed by the team:

  • 418 Karlsruhe KIT

The finals and highlight presentation will take place at the Marquee above Pits (Main Stage) Wednesday from 20:00 - 21:00. The FSE Business Plan Finals and FSD Highlight Presentation are public to all visitor, teams and sponsors. The team are looking forward to see you in front of the stage.

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