03 July 2012 22:14

Bosch Engineering Most Effective use of Electronics Award for FSC 2012

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Here at Bosch Engineering GmbH you will find the best of two worlds for your electronic systems: individual solutions combined with the benefits of proven mass production technology. These solutions contain everything from a single source – flexible, tailored to your needs and of high quality. We support projects with genuine passion for the vehicle.

We know the needs of the automotive industry and the engineering community. There is a growing demand for graduates who are experienced in the technical principles of electrical engineering. For this reason we will award the team which shows the most effective use of electronics in interaction with hard- and software design integration to improve the efficiency of the vehicle. This includes components itself as well as parts and techniques used during the development of the components.

How to apply:

Teams competing for the Bosch Engineering “Most effective use of electronics” Award will be judged on following criteria:

  • straight influence in vehicle performance
  • driver aid and assistance
  • innovative solutions
  • quality and reliability aspects

The Bosch Engineering “Most effective use of electronics” Award is open to all teams participating in Formula Student Combustion. Your team can apply for the award by submitting an abstract (max. 2 pages including all figures), which elaborates on the main features of your innovative electronic solution. The abstract should be a pdf file.

Qualifying based on your pre-submitted application will take place on August 2nd 2012. In the evening a list of max eight teams is published at the Bosch Engineering Forum. These teams are asked to arrange an appointment for a technical presentation at the Bosch Engineering Forum on August 3rd 2012. Each team will be allocated a 30-minute time slot for the presentation.
Please upload your application for the award via the FSC website (=> MyTeam => Events => Deadline) by July 30th 2012 12:00 CEST latest.

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