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22 June 2010 14:01

BMW Group Award for the Most Innovative Powertrain

Category: Competition, FSC Award

The engine is the heart and soul of every automobile. The BMW Group has demonstrated with their powerful and simultaneously efficient engines that they are industry leaders in this area.

Show us that your innovative approach to the requirements of a race car powertrain deserves this prize.

To improve your chances to win, please prepare a brief description of your powertrain development programme including horsepower and torque and the achieved results. Your document should highlight the innovative and key performance components of your powertrain as well as the methods used to achieve your objectives.  By submitting your description, the evaluation of your powertrain can be guaranteed.

After pre-selecting the teams with the most innovative powertrain, teams will be evaluated again in detail during the event by the BMW judges. The winning team will receive a trophy and prize money of €500 on Sunday.

Upload the document here (one page – DIN A4 – PDF) by July 25, 2010.
For further information please contact Brian.Mclean(at)

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