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06 July 2016 16:00

Become the first Porsche Performance Innovation Award winner!

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award, FSE Award

“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself.” (Ferry Porsche)

It was over 60 years ago that Ferry Porsche had his vision of the sports car of the future. A vision that has become our mission. We would like to invite you to accompany us on our mission.

But what constitutes a sports car of the future? More power? Faster lap times? Probably. However, we want more. We want more innovations per lap, more ideas per horsepower and an intelligent package of team performance.

If your team has created and implemented something unique and innovative for the Formula Student Season 2016, then you should apply and become the first Porsche Performance Innovation Award winner. 

We are looking for groundbreaking innovations of any sort that are relevant to the dynamic scoring of the team - no matter if these innovations are conceptual, technical, driver performance or even organizationally related.

The innovation will be judged on 4 different criteria (each can earn up to five points, five being the best):

  • Intelligent Innovation: Degree of innovation?
  • Intelligent Performance: Increase of Performance?
  • Intelligent Concept: Overall concept? Economic implementation?
  • Intelligent Teamwork: Share of external services?

The Porsche Performance Innovation award is open to all teams participating in Formula Student Germany. Your team can apply for the award by submitting an abstract (max. 3 pages including all figures, max. 10 MB) by July 29th, 2016, 23:59 CEST at latest on the page “Team Deadlines” (=> MyTeam => Events => Deadlines).

The abstract should be a PDF and should include the following information:

  • Title and description of the innovation
  • Goal, strategy and costs
  • Realization process (e.g. implementation in vehicle)
  • Proof of increased performance (e.g. simulation results, forecast)
  • Integration in overall concept
  • Team contribution vs. supplier contribution
  • Motivation: Why should your team win the award?

Based on the pre-submitted application, up to five teams will be nominated for a final presentation on 12th August 2016. Here you will have the chance to your explain your idea to the judges. Time and place will be arranged individually. The winning team will be awarded the prize afterwards on the award ceremony.

We are looking forward to your innovations and wish you the best of luck and success!

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