31 July 2013 17:23

BASF Best Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics Award 2013 Award Final Judging Time

Category: Competition, 2013, FSC Award, FSE Award

High performance plastics are a very sophisticated form of chemicals
and have a large variety. They can contain different types of fibers,
fiber lengths, additives and polymers. By varying all these parameters,
high performance plastics can be designed to specifically fulfill the
requirements of the target application.**We are very eager to see, how
you, the students, use all your skills to show interesting and
innovative parts made of fiber reinforced plastics in the Formula
Student Germany competition 2013.

For the final discussion the following teams are nominated.

  • FSC: 69    Hamburg, UAS (DE)
  • FSE: E33    Z├╝rich, ETH (CH)
  • FSE: E96    Zwickau, UAS (DE)
  • FSE: E101    Darmstadt, TU
  • FSE: E121    Karlsruhe, KIT (DE)

Please take a look in the PDF file or on the notice board at FSG Forum
for your exact judging time.

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