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04 August 2006 22:40

Award for the best presentation won by TU Delft

Category: General, Competition
By: Birgit Pattberg

Today, the dutch team from TU Delft won the Presentation Event of the Formula Student Germany for the best business case presentation.

On the second exciting competition day, 40 teams from 10 nations competed in all static disciplines (Cost, Design und Presentation) and defended the theory underlying their vehicles. The second and third place go to the british Universities of Oxford Brookes and Loughborough, the fourth place was won by the german team from the BA Ravensburg. In the Design Event today the six finalists were identified who tomorrow will be judged about their engineering design a second time: TU München, TU Graz, Helsinki Polytechnic, Oxford Brookes, Deakin University and UNSW Sydney.

The Style Award – the judging of the car’s looks – was taken home by the team from Helsinki Polytechnic for their sophisticated Design.

The team of the University of Windsor, Canada won the award for the best integrated use of SolidWorks design and analysis tools.

Following today’s first test runs on the race course, the three smaller dynamic events Acceleration, SkidPad and Autocross are taking place tomorrow. In these disciplines 275 of the 1000 points overall can be achieved.

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