01 April 2008 00:01

Auction of Scrutineering Slots

Category: Competition
By: Steering Committee

As a result of the scarce capacities and the tight time schedule, the Steering Committee has decided to auction off the first scrutineering slots for the event 2008.

Our goal is to improve the preparations to the scrutineering and to give the teams the opportunity to contribute to the higher event costs.

From now on until 3rd April 13.00 CET, all teams have the possibility to bid on the first ten slots in Hockenheim (Wednesday, 06.08.2008, 15.00 to 17.00 o’clock). Please hand in the bid informally under  scrutineering_slots(at)formulastudent.de with the following information: name of the team, starting number, amount of the bid (in €) and a contact person for confirmation (name, email, telephone).

After the bidding deadline we will evaluate the bids and allocate the slots. The winning teams will be notified individually. Whether further places will be auctioned is not yet decided.

Good Luck.

The Steering Committee

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