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01 April 2024 17:30

[April Fools] Standardized Charging Connector

Category: Competition, General

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The increasing number of EV slots leads to increasing congestion in the charging tent, especially during the rush hours around Autocross and Endurance. Therefore, from 2025 onward, we are going to require a standardized charging connector on the accumulator. This allows for a streamlined charging experience on site with fast changeover times to fully utilize the limited number of charging spots.

Following European legislation (directive 2014/94/EU), we have selected the CCS/Combo 2 connector (IEC 62196-3) for this purpose. Teams will be required to implement ISO 15118, enabling them to charge their accumulators at any of the >26 000 publicly available DC-charging locations in Germany. For FSG, a sufficient number of DC-chargers will be provided by one of our sponsors, on site in the charging tent.

This news post was published on 1 April 2024 as an April Fools' joke

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