01 April 2008 23:59

April-fool joke ;-)

Category: Competition
By: Steering Committee

Certainly we are not going to auction scrutineering slots!

That was simply the Steering Committees’ April-fool joke 2008 – but with a serious reason. Scrutineering is an integral part of the event which cannot be loosened in its strictness. We have widened our capacity and optimised processes to allow even more teams to take part this year. To run a successful event we ask you for your support and expect an intensive preparation of your car according to the rules in order to minimize time needed for scrutineering. Nevertheless, equality and fairness are still decisive – so first come first serve at the scrutineering.

We thank all participating and interested teams in the auction, especially the highest bid of 460.800 € was very flattering for us.

If you have any questions concerning the event or the scrutineering, we will certainly help you as far as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and your humour.

Good luck!

The Steering Committee

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