19 January 2006 16:56

Announcement for the Cost Event at FSG 2006

Category: Competition
By: Jan Helbig

At the Formula Student Germany 2006 competition there will be some changes to the Cost event

The teams do not need to be prepared to discuss the manufacturing process of 2 items in detail, chosen at random from the list in section 4.3.5. (FSAE-Rules 2006).


  • 30 points    quality, accuracy and thoroughness of the cost report (as in FSAE-rules)
  • 30 points    lowest costs (as in FSAE-rules)
  • 40 points    review for part content and manufacturing feasibility (as in FSAE-rules)

The Cost Report must be sent to to the following address by 1st July 2006.

Formula Student Germany
Daniel Mazur
Jasperallee 86
38102 Braunschweig

The electronic copy of the BOM should be uploaded to the FSG website. This feature will be integrated soon.

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