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08 April 2024 23:30

Additional Driverless Cup Slots & Handbook Version 1.1

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The Driverless Cup targets teams with a vehicle which already is capable of running driverless autocross and trackdrive. It acknowledges the current technological advance of the DV teams and incentivizes further development of the DV systems.

Going into 2024, we expected higher demand for the Driverless Cup and increased the number of available slots compared to 2023. However, our expectations were exceeded as more teams have implemented autonomous driving functionality. Therefore, with today's release of version 1.1 of the FSG Competition Handbook, we are further increasing the number of DC slots. Instead of the originally planned 35, FSG 2024 will offer 42 slots for the Driverless Cup, allowing half of all registered teams to take part.

For additional changes that were made in version 1.1, please check the changelog on page 2.

One of those changes is a relaxation of the entry restrictions for the DC autocross track walk. Entry to the track walk for the DC autocross will (additionally to the dynamic vests) be granted based on the entry cards for the charging area. This is to allow simultaneous participation in the manual acceleration for the vehicle by freeing up the dynamic vests. This change was made based on your feedback - if you have further concrete improvements, please suggest them via the anonymous General Feedback Tool ( and leave your contact details if you want to hear back from us.

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