20 June 2023 21:48

2023 FSG Siemens Digital Twin Award

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For the 5th year - at FSG 2023, Siemens Digital Industries Software is sponsoring the “FSG Siemens Digital Twin Award”, a 10.000 EUR award to recognize 3 teams which have either used the most professional and innovative Digital Twin practices or have shown the biggest progress in their Digital Twin journey.

Do you have a digital, simulation-oriented representation of your racecar and its various subsystems? Did you use methodologies for optimizing your car’s performance, collaborating within your team on the design, managing changes throughout the design cycle, or other digital twin concepts?

Don’t hesitate to apply, even if you just started your Digital Twin journey!

4.000 EUR = 1st Place
3.500 EUR = 2nd Place
2.500 EUR = 3rd Place

To make it easier to apply, the award application is limited to two pages highlighting your main points. Additionally, you can reference supporting details in your FSG Engineering Design Report (EDR).


General Conditions

  • FSG ’23 teams can apply for the Digital Twin award by submitting an application (max. 2 pages) by Monday, August 14th, 23:59 CEST. You may include an appendix up to 3 pages with supportive information or graphics if you like. Please upload your A4 size PDF application to the FSG website (à My Team à Competitions à Deadlines).

  • On Thursday, 17th August, finalists will have the chance to present their Digital Twin concept in a 10-minute presentation followed by a Q&A with the Siemens judging panel. Finalists will be contacted on Wednesday, 16th August to arrange presentation slots.

  • Use of Siemens software tools is highly encouraged but not required. Such as NX for 3D-CAD, CAM and 3D-printing, Fibersim for big cost-savings with carbon composite manufacturability-simulation, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for 3D-CFD, Simcenter 3D for FEA, Capital for wire-harness design, Simcenter Prescan for autonomous driving simulation, Motorsolve for custom electric motor design, PADS Professional for circuit board design, Simcenter Amesim for mechatronics system and lap-time simulation, and other Siemens software tools. For no-cost grants of Siemens software, see this application form: www.siemens.com/plm/gaf

  • For questions about the Digital Twin Award – email naz.aydemir(at)siemens.com

Please find all the details of the award in the following pdf file:

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