11 January 2021 21:53

2021 Competition & Registration Dates

Category: Competition, 2021

The FSG Registration Quiz will be held on 2021-02-05 13:00 CET. This year, the competition will take place  from 2021-08-16 until 2021-08-22 in Hockenheim. Both of these dates have been chosen in coordination with the other European Formula Student Events.

Most European registration quizzes will take place on 2021-02-05, spaced two hours apart. Therefore, you may take part in all quizzes while only virtually gather “the Quiz Team” for one day. The single-day registration together with overlapping payment periods (also from non-quiz-competitions!) will create a period of time where you will know which competitions are available to you without having to have committed (i.e. paid) to one yet. Please refer to the other competitions websites for further details.

Due to the current pandemic and its contact restrictions we changed the former procedure of read access during the quiz. In 2021 all members assigned to the team get read access to the questions of their team’s quiz to ease the communication within the team. As always, only the team captain will be able to enter the answer. 

Details about the quiz and the event in Hockenheim will be published in about 2 weeks. Until then there will be a test server where you can check the functionality of the quiz.

Good luck with the quiz & see you at FSG 2021!

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