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FSG Board & Executive Committee

The Board is responsible for the Formula Student Germany and its cooperations as well as for sponsoring, finances and strategy. The Executive Committee (EC) stands for the design of the competition and for the rules. Each member is responsible for a field, its preparation and realisation.

image Tim Hannig
Board (Chairman)
Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.
image Rainer Kötke
Board (Finance), EC (Dynamics)
Volkswagen AG
image Daniel Mazur
Board (Management)
Formula Student Germany GmbH
image Frank Röske
Porsche Leipzig GmbH
image Dr. Ludwig Vollrath
Board (External Relations)

image Steffen Hemer
EC (FS-Driverless)
TU Kaiserslautern
image Sebastian Hoppe
EC (Statics) & OT (Cost Event)
ZF Friedrichshafen AG
image Johannes Kratzel
EC (Event Support)
Robert Bosch GmbH
image Rob Opdam
EC (Technical Inspection)
Bosch Engineering GmbH
image Konrad Paule
EC (FS-Academy) & Pit Marshal
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
image Dr. Sebastian Seewaldt
EC (Rules) & Pit Marshal
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

FSG Operative Team

The Operative Team completes the management team by bearing responsibility for preparations and smooth processes at the event and during the year.

image Christian Amersbach
OT (FS-Driverless)
TU Darmstadt
image Philipp Bandow
OT (Special Tasks)
image Sarah Battige
OT (Electrical Inspection)
TU Dresden
image Konrad Bayer
OT (Event Support)
image Christoph Beißwanger
OT (Mechanical Inspection)
image Raphaela Bihr
OT (Business Plan Presentation)
MAN Truck & Bus SE
image Matthias Brutschin
OT (Event Support)
Daimler AG
image Matthäus Decker
OT (Event Support)
Siemens Mobility
image Barbara Decker-Schlögl
OT (Event Support)
image Simon Densborn
OT (Electrical Inspection)
University of Stuttgart
image Mathias Gebhardt
OT (Driverless Inspection)
image Nicole Geier
OT (Registration & Ticket Centre)
UAS Stralsund
image Hinrich Grefe
OT (Event Support)
ifs TU-Braunschweig
image Sven Grundner
OT (Back Office)
image Alia Hall
OT (Communications & Media Team)
Continental Engineering Services
image Judith Henzel
OT (Special Awards)
TE Connectivity
image Tanja Hofmann
OT (Security)
in-tech GmbH
image Anke Lachmann
OT (VIP Lounge & Culina)
Ballett & Bewegung
image Peter Leipold
OT (Design Event)
ZF Friedrichshafen AG
image Fabian Liesch
OT (IT & TK)
Alpha Sigma GmbH
image Dorothee Nebel
OT (Communications)
image Lena Paule
OT (Communications)
MFG Baden-Württemberg
image Lea Pißarreck
OT (Event Control)
image Jost Philip Pöttner
OT (Design Event)
Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH
image Torsten Rilka
OT (Scoring & VSV)
Volkswagen AG
image Michael Schemel
OT (Social Media)
MHP - A Porsche Company
image Catharina Schiffter
OT (Guided Tours & Communications)
DKB- Deutsche Kreditbank AG
image Jochen Schmidt
OT (Dynamics)
image Dr. Karsten Stammen
OT (Dynamics)
image Martin Stollberger
OT (Driverless Inspection)
Schneider Electric
image Esther Tromp
OT (Event Manager Assistant)
Formula Student Germany GmbH
image Jet Tuitert
OT (Mechanical Inspection)
FEV Vehicle GmbH