FSG Academy 20231021 - Schaeffler - Herzogenaurach

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The yearly FSG academy event offering support and information to Formula Student teams will be held on 21st October 2023 at Schaeffler in Herzogenaurach. It is open to all team members.

Experienced Formula Student participants and industrial professionals will provide in depth information and address a wide array of Formula Student specific issues concerning technical as well as organizational issues. Again, a round table meeting will be offered by Formula Student Germany officials to all team captains in order to discuss organizational issues and 2023 team feedback.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge, meet Formula Student experts and get to know experienced as well as newly founded teams. The workshop language will be English.

As always, the workshop-only recordings can be viewed free of charge, this time even live. As we have had very good experiences with Slido in the last online workshops, we would like to offer this possibility also at this workshop, especially to the participants with too long travel distances. Via Slido we will bundle the questions on site and online in addition to the normal questions from the audience. Registration for the online-only version will take place separately for organisational reasons. 

At Slido, you will only be able to login with an @formulastudent.de email. We will therefore set up a forwarding email for all registered participants to their own email the day before: {FSGuserID}@formulastudent.de => your mail.

The livestream itself will be accessible for all team members on live.formulastudent.de.

Some impressions from this workshop at Schaeffler:

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short link: fsg.one/20231021

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