FSG 2018 will be held from 6th until 12th of August 2018 in Hockenheim.

This is a preliminary date which depends on the Formula One Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring.

FSC: 25 registered FSC teams, 35 pending teams and 108 teams on the waiting list.

FSD: 7 registered FSD teams, 11 pending teams and 9 teams on the waiting list.

FSE: 16 registered FSE teams, 24 pending teams and 62 teams on the waiting list.

27. December 2017

With Riedel on Air!

Category: 2018, General

Sponsoring for 2 European teams with a total value of € 15,000

24. December 2017

Updated Formula Student World Ranking Lists

Category: 2017, General

Both Formula Student World Ranking Lists have been updated after the last competition of this season in Australia. You will find them on https://mazur-events.de/fs-world/. The year 2017 is successfully coming to an...

20. December 2017

New Mailing System @ FSG

Category: General

FSG has switched the mailing system as of December 13th 2017. In practice this should not make a difference - all previously known addresses stay the same. However, we advise especially the teams to check and update their...

09. September 2017

FSG 2017 Penalty Decisions and Updated Results including decisions regarding protests

Category: 2017, General, Competition

Formula Student Germany would like to inform about changes within the results of #FSG2017 due to protests and feedbacks. Furthermore to make the results and decisions by the rules and scoring committee as transparent a...

13. August 2017

FSG 2017 Endurance Running Order v2 ***Update***

Category: 2017, Competition, General

A new running order for the Endurance event has been published. The former running order was created based on wrong data input regarding the lap times of the teams considered. The FSG team apologises for the inconvenience and...

12. August 2017

FSE 2017 Engineering Design Finalists

Category: Competition, 2017, General

The FSE Engineering Design Event is the battle for the best designed and build Formula Student Electric car. Before the event each team uploaded a six page engineering design report as well as the technical specification of the...

11. August 2017

FSC 2017 Engineering Design Finalists

Category: Competition, 2017, General

65 teams did compete in the FSC Engineering Design Event. Hundreds of pages were evaluated by the statics team and judges. Additionally a lot of discussions and presentation took place on Thursday. It was a thrilling event and we...

10. August 2017

Important Info for Morning Briefing

Category: Competition, 2017, General

Please attend the morning briefing (8 a.m. CEST) with at least 1 ESO per team (Electric Vehicle), ASR has to attend as usual.

10. August 2017

Media Footage

Category: Competition, 2017, General

...do you want to see some more photos? Check out the OFFICIAL FSG photos from the week so far under: http://media.formulastudent.de/FSG17 

10. August 2017

Insulated tools to be used in charging/accumulator tent.

Category: Competition, 2017, General

After a light incident with a battery cell shortcut in the charging tent (no person harmed or affected) we have decided to allow only iinsulated tools to be brought into the charging tent. Please make sure to sort any non...