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31 March 2020 20:30

Update to Cancellation of FSG 2020

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Dear Teams, Partners and friends of FSG,
Roughly one week after our sad but necessary decision to cancel FSG 2020, we are still in continuous communication with all European and international events monitoring the current situation closely. Today, we want to provide you with the first update acknowledging that not all decisions regarding 2021 are made yet. Please grant us more time as we are going to work out each aspect. You can expect a full setup for 2021 no later than the FSG Workshop in October 2020. Of course, if decisions are made earlier, we will not be holding information back.

Registration fees:
All registered teams receive a full refund of the FSG 2020 registration fee. We will start the refunding process to your PayPal account by the beginning of April. The refund will be declared in a separate Pdf document available on the FSG payment page once the transaction is completed.

Rules 2021:
There are no changes to the current technical rule set for 2021. All rule requests and the corresponding answers remain valid for 2021, and no re-submission is necessary.
Furthermore, the strategic shift including the announced slots for the competition classes in 2021/ 2022 will be postponed by one year. It is yet to be decided whether a new registration quiz for the competition in 2021 will be held. We will also extend the period of student status of currently seven months mentioned in rule A 4.3.1 in order to make official participation of team members who worked extensively on this year’s vehicle possible. Currently, we are aligning the period extension with all other European Events.

Interested teams may receive feedback about their submission of technical documentation (ESF, IAD, SES) if requested. To help us streamline the process, please do the following:
1) Include specific questions including the desired focus of the review in a prominent place in the ASF/ESF, on the second page of the IAD, or within tab "Version History" of the SES. Point to specific issues or uncertainties. Without these additional questions and remarks, we will not review the document.
2) Reupload the IAD/SES or resubmit the form of the ASF/ESF as previous uploads have been removed from the system. We will not monitor any deadlines, however, if you wish for our feedback, upload your documents as soon as possible. Any pass/fail will not be valid for 2021 yet.
 3) Allow the reviewers some time as we try to support all teams to the best of our ability.

Working in a Formula Student project during Covid-19:
Some of you approached us asking to specify our last week’s statement. At that point in time, the lockdown was already in place across most European countries, but Formula Student events were not cancelled yet. Back then, we did not want to encourage teams meeting and working in physical proximity in workshops, private garages or meeting rooms to gain advantage by disrespecting applicable laws. Now, that the majority of competitions is not taking place, there is no need to finish this year’s car in the following weeks. It is needless to say that we support teams who work according to the rules of their local authorities and universities (e.g. remote work or conference calls).

Besides Formula Student, there are many activities that you can do: engage in community help, donate blood or even participate in interesting projects like the ones we linked below.
Lastly, we want to thank you for supporting this step. Together we will get through this crisis and see each other stronger and closer than before in Hockenheim 2021.
Stay healthy!

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