09 January 2009 05:56

Top 10 of FS-world ranking published!

Category: General, Competition
By: Tim Hannig

Just in time for the early registration of the Formula Student Germany 2009 the FS-World published the Formula Student world ranking.
Please see www.fs-world.org.

The FS-World managed to deal with 505 different teams having participated in 56 different competitions since 1991 with accumulated 2778 different results defining the world ranking with overall more than 14.000 different world ranking positions since 1991.

The FSG steering committee thanks the FS-world team for the creative and transparent work trying to come to comparable and fair ranking of all the teams. Now the first time ever it seems possible to form a link between all the different competitions and teams in the world. A severe step for all enthusiasts of the Formula Student/FSAE (or call it FS-World?) -scene to get to an even higher level of integration and a clear strengthening of the "family-feeling". We are proud to be part of it, to be part of the FS-World.

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