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17 January 2006 18:41

Team Registration and Event Registration

Category: Competition, General
By: Daniel Mazur

All teams and team members can now register for the internal section of the Formula Student Germany Website ( ). In order to offer an as complete list of existing teams worldwide as possible we would like to ask all teams to register on the FSG website.

Registration for the 2006 Event is open from the 1st of February 12:00 GMT (13:00 CET) 2006 until the 30th of April 2006.

Almost all processes that can be carried out by the teams themselves can be done online. They are set up to be as simple as possible. If there are still problems of any kind, please send an e-mail to mazur(at) As the website is still under construction and is continually being improved we would be very thankful for some feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

Registration for teams and team members for the internal section of the FSG website

The team registration for the internal section of the FSG website is compulsory for registration for the actual event itself. Registration is also beneficial for teams not taking part in the event. All registered teams are part of the worldwide list of teams. Hereby, they are easy to be found by sponsors, press and the generally interested.

Note: Team members and the teams themselves have to register separately. All registered team members can use the various forums to exchange experience, receive information from lists of links, guides to many topics and special Formula Student product offers. Doubtlessly, an interesting and valuable service for all teams.

Registering a team and team members requires several steps:


  1. When first visiting the website you will
  2. have the status ‘Regular User’ ( ) where everyone

    interested can get the newsletter. Register using the above link.



  1. Now you have to register your team. Any registered user can do this.


  1. Now the team member can register by
  2. entering his or her personal data. The first registered team member

    does not need to be cleared.



  1. After the team and the first team member
  2. have been registered all other team members can register. However,

    these registrations have to be cleared by registered and cleared team

    members. The teams are requested to manage themselves.



Event registration

Teams can register for the 2006 Event from the 1st of February 2006 12:00 GMT until the 30th of April 2006.

The first step is entering the desired car number. You can do this on the page of the FSG website. Then each team has 72 hours to transfer the registration fee of 500 Euros via PayPal. The team is registered for the 2006 competition when the due amount arrives.

Please note:


  1. Event registration can be done by any
  2. team member. However, whoever registers the team will automatically be

    the team’s contact for all further communication. So you should think

    carefully who you want appoint with this job.



  1. Car numbers 1 to 10 are reserved for the
  2. teams who achieved these positions in the event the year before. In the

    2006 event these numbers are reserved for the teams that took part in

    the 2005 Pre-Event. All other numbers are not reserved.



  1. The registration fee of 500 Euros
  2. includes 15 team members. Every further team member can be registered

    for 20 Euros. Participants can only be registered by the team’s

    relevant contact person (who also registered the team; see above) until

    the 1st of July 2006. Every participating team member must add their

    postal address and membership number of one of the FISITA engineering

    societies to the registration form on the FSG website. The German teams

    must give their VDI membership number.



  1. Registration is possible until the 30th
  2. of April 2006 or until the limit of 40 teams is reached, whichever

    occurs first. Further teams can enter a waiting list until the 30th of

    April. Teams on this list can register until the 1st of July 2006

    assuming a previously registered team withdraws from the event.

    Nevertheless, all teams have to meet all relevant deadlines.



  1. If the registration fee hasn’t arrived
  2. via PayPal 72 hours after entering the desired car number the team will

    be placed on the bottom of the waiting list.



  1. Withdrawal at a later date is possible
  2. in order to give waiting teams a place in the event. The registration

    fee, however, will not be refunded.


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