20 June 2007 01:06

Style Event assesses optical design

Category: Competition
By: Daniel Mazur

Helsinki Polytechnic wins Style Event FSG06

After last year's positive feedback FSG is again offering the additional discipline Style Event. Prof. James Kelly, the Chair of Transportation Design at FH Pforzheim, will be judging the race cars according to designing aspects.

Teams wishing to take part in the Style Event are asked to upload their applications until the 20th of July 2007 on the page “Team Deadlines” (=> MyTeam => Events => Deadlines). The application is an eight page .pdf-file including one A4-size page with written details about the design concept. Layout and content can be chosen as wished by the teams themselves. The other seven pages contain seven digital photographs: front view (1), rear view (2), side view (3), rear isometric view (4), front isometric view (5), interior view from front (6), interior view from rear (7). Sketches are not permitted.

A selection of 16 teams will be receiving the possibility to give a presentation on Thursday, the 9th of August. This is the basis on which the prize will be awarded. The selection will be published approximately a week prior to the event. The relevant teams will be given all information needed when they arrive on Wednesday, the 8th of August. During the Style Event the teams will have five minutes to explain their Style-Concept. A beamer for .ppt-presentations will be available. The next 15 minutes are scheduled for questions and discussion. The Style Event will take place in the FSG Forum. The race car has to be present during this event.

We wish all participating teams good luck!

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