10 August 2016 11:34

Staging for panoramic picture

Category: Competition, 2016

The staging for the panoramic picture and the picture takes place today from 13.00 to 14.00. We would like the teams to start to get ready at 12.30 in order to allow a flawless procedure.

Please see details for the procedure: (Please see graphics as well)

  1. Cars: Cars are to be brought into the pit lane (track side) through the access gate close to the tire service and through the pits close to the welding service. From entrance of the pit lane only the car (with seated driver) and one team member to push the car with pushbar is allowed.
  2. Cars need to be staged cars without areo pack first, followed by areo cars. For that reason in the pit lane the side towards start and finish line is reserved for aero cars whereas the side towards the pits shall be used by cars without wings.
  3. Team members shall assemble on the start and finish line of the ring and wait at the barrier line marked with cones until the staging of cars is finalized and they are requested to move up to the back of the cars.
  4. Further advice will be given and shall be followed from officials on site.

Please support this staging to allow a Formula Studenticcally great result.

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