22 December 2013 23:45

Season's Greetings!

Category: General

Dear sponsors, judges, team members, officials, friends!

The 2013 FS year gets to an end as well as the calendar year does. In a few days we will see a run towards the registration of many FS events. As this represents the visible start of the 2014 season, the season has long begun for the teams. The design and manufacturing of the 2014 cars and innovations have already started months ago. Therefore, we are all convinced that 2014 will be another great year of Formula Student. Worldwide!

The FSG team every year has the impression that this very year is been the best, the most fascinating, motivating, impressing, friendly and breathtaking year of Formula Student ever. That is valid for 2013 as well. We would like to say thanks for your individual contribution to that! Being it our sponsors, the teams, our judges or the volunteering officials. All carry an equal share of making FS(G) to what it is. That deserves appreciation.

Knowing that 2014 (if the pattern proves to be right) will be even better, we are all keen and exiting to know and to learn where and what will be the areas where we will be surprised. Getting to FSG 2014 will feel like "driving home for Christmas" in summer. And seeing all the surprises and ideas that have been developed feels like our very special FSG advent calendar!

But before that we wish all of you a merry Christmas time and a happy New Year. How lucky we all can be to have two Christmases.

Tim Hannig
for the FSG Board

Partners of FSG 2021