04 July 2021 16:32

Launch of Scuddy Premium

Category: Industry, Partners

The time has come - the company "scuddy GmbH & Co. KG" of the two founders of RACEYARD (Formula Student Team at UAS Kiel) released the latest model of the "scuddy PREMIUM" electric folding scooter on Friday.

The company has been producing the three-wheel, street-legal scooters in northern Germany since 2013.These have been used for years at the FS event in Hockenheim as pylons- and scrutineers-vehicle. The patented folding mechanism makes the vehicle uniquely transportable – it´s the perfect companion for e.g. racetrack and camping events.


“You can feel our FS experience in every meter of driving. The hard work in chassis and drivetrain development have significantly influenced our path." (quote: Ascheberg)

FSG wishes scuddy GmbH & CO. KG all the best with the launch and wants to say thanks for supporting FSG by providing a scuddy to the FSG Dynamics Team every year!

Make sure to check out their release video too!






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