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20 April 2024 12:30

FSG MathWorks Modeling and Simulation Award 2024 [updated]

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The MathWorks Modeling and Simulation Award is designed to recognize and reward teams that excel in utilizing MathWorks tools for the design of their electric and autonomous vehicles in the Formula Student Germany 2024 competition.

The goal is to have each participating team share how they use MathWorks tools and work to adopt industry-grade model-based design. The award determination process consists of two stages: evaluation of a detailed report and assessment of a formal presentation.

The teams will be scored on following criteria:

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Powertrain
  • Control Design and Tuning
  • Driverless/Autonomous Systems
  • Verification and Validation

The top three teams that demonstrate the most effective use of MathWorks software will be honored with cash prizes: 3,000 USD for the first place, 2,500 USD for the second place, and 1,500 USD for the third place.

The teams will need to submit a document in a PDF format in the FSG team area by July 15, 2024, 23:59 CEST. Please access all the details of the award in the attached PDF file.

MathWorks Point of Contact: Veer Alakshendra (valakshe(at)



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