09 September 2017 18:59

FSG 2017 Penalty Decisions and Updated Results including decisions regarding protests

Category: 2017, General, Competition

Formula Student Germany would like to inform about changes within the results of #FSG2017 due to protests and feedbacks. Furthermore to make the results and decisions by the rules and scoring committee as transparent a possible we also publish the penalty decisions within this announcement. All teams with penalties have been already informed. Further protest are not possible. The penalty announcement includes decisions concerning Technical Inspection, Acceleration, Autocross and Endurance. Penalties for late submission will not be published in this manner. The affected teams were informed individually by e-mail during the event.

The results are affected by the following decisions after the event:

FSC Endurance:

  • #246 Arnhem UAS, #350 Belgrade U penalty decision regarding vehicle weight (FS Rule A 12.2.5) is repealed.

FSE Endurance:

  • #19 Munich UAS penalty decision regarding BMS temperature (FS Rules EV 3.7.6 & EV 3.7.8) is repealed.
  • #54 Barcelona UPC penalty decision regarding vehicle weight (FS Rule A 12.2.5) is repealed.


  • Penalties for late submission are not further deducted from the single Statics event. Penalty points are deducted from overall score now (FS Rules A 5.3.1).

The updated results are available here:


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