09 August 2018 20:55

FSC Design Finals (FRI, 19:30 -22:00) & Cost Shoot Out (FRI, 09:00 - 10:10)

Category: Competition, 2018

Thursday was the second Statics Day of #FSG18. In addition to this the second Engineering Design and Cost Event round took place. This time the FSC teams were judged by our experts from different businesses. Similar to the judging from Wednesday, 24 teams were judged parallel  - half of them in Design, half of them in Cost. After 55 minutes the teams switched between both events. After the events the score sheets were matched in debriefings with all judges in an open discussion.

Furthermore, this year the Formula Student Germany introduces the first time a FSG Cost Event Shoot Out or better named a FSG Cost Event Final. The Cost final will be used if two teams scored the same amount of points during the regular judging. In the first year curiously FSC as well as FSE need a final to find its award winner. To keep the secret of the cost ranking the finalists will not be published and were informed individually. Nevertheless we congratulate all four teams as well as the FSC Engineering Design Finalist!

 FSC Design Finalists are:

  • 207 Milano PT
  • 218 Graz UAS
  • 229 Stuttgart U
  • 262 Regensburg OTH
  • 266 Melbourne Monash
  • 330 Akron U
  • 369 Hamburg UAS


Background Information

  • FSC Design Finals will take place in the FSG Forum 19:30 - 22:00.
  • Max. 10 team members per team and no substitutions
  • Set up starts 30 minutes before judging.
  • FSG Design finals are not public.
  • FSC and FSE Cost Finals will take place in the BW Tower 09:00 - 10:10
  • FSC and FSE Cost Finals are not public.

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