01 August 2014 23:57

First Winners of Special Awards 2014

Category: Competition, FSC Award, FSE Award, 2014

The first Special Award trophies were handed over to the teams with the best performance in these disciplines. The winner received their trophies and earnings during the first Award Ceremony on Friday night.

BASF „Best Use Of Fiber Reinforced Plastic“

1 E56 Darmstadt, TU

Bosch Engineering „Best Power System“
1 E33 Zurich, ET
2 E01 Delft, TU
3 E26 Stuttgart, U

Daimler “Best E-Drive Packaging”
1 E33 Zurich, ETH
2 E01 Delft, TU
3 E26 Stuttgart, U

DEKRA „Best Prepared Car for Scrutineering“
1 E67 Osnabruck, UAS (FSE)
1 C60 Weingarten, UAS (FSC)

Henkel “Best Use Of Adhesives”
1 E96 Zwickau, UAS
2 E26 Stuttgart, U
3 E01 Delft, U

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