13 August 2017 22:43

Award Ceremony Part 2 - Congratulations to all winners!

It’s been a long week on the Hockenheimring racetrack.

Finally, all the time spent by the teams on testing and optimizing the vehicles has paid off.  It has been a very successful week of competing and racing! We congratulate all teams that have received their well-deserved awards during Award Ceremony Part II.

Thank you to all students, volunteers, sponsors and visitors for making it such a special and exciting week on the Hockenheimring. We are already very much looking forward to hosting Formula Student 2018.


The winners  are:

Audi Vorsprung Award – TU Wien (car 41)

FSD Cost and Manufacturing – ETH Zürich (car 433)

FSD Autonomous Design – TU Hamburg (car 478)

FSD Engineering Design – ETH Zürich (car 433)

FSE Engineering design – ETH Zürich (car 33)

FSC Most Fuel Efficient Car – TU Graz (car 253)

FSE Most Energy Efficient Car – TU Kaiserslautern (car 64)

FSE Autocross winner – University Stuttgart (car 26)

FSC Autocross winner – TU München (231)

FSE Endurance winner – University Stuttgart (car 26)

FSC Endurance winner –  University Stuttgart (car 202)

FSG Sportsmanship Award – UAS München (car 413)


FS Driverless overall

1st – ETH Zürich (car 433)

2nd – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (car 417)

3rd – TU Hamburg (car 478)


FS Electric overall

1st – Universityt Stuttgart (car 26)

2nd – ETH Zürich (car 33)

3rd – UAS Munich (car 13)*


FS Combustion overall

1st – UAS Esslingen (car 294)

2nd – TU Graz (car 253)

3rd – University Stuttgart (car 202)


* Changed on 10th September 2017 in combination with a result update

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