19 August 2023 09:58

Action on Track - FSG Day 5 Recap

From dawn till dusk (almost), we witnessed remarkable achievements both on the track and in the paddock. The day kicked off with the intense EV Cost Finals. A huge shout out to the brilliant minds at Einstein Motorsport, High Octane Motorsports e.V., Revolve NTNU, and TU Delft for their exceptional work!

The excitement continued with action on the track. The marshalls were kept busy as cars got out on the track for DV Acceleration, MV Skidpad, MV Acceleration and DV Autocross – where real and virtual drivers showcased their skills and pushed their teams' machines to the limit (and sometimes beyond).

In the afternoon the track saw the classic beauties in the Historic Acceleration event roaring down the track. With some very quick times on the board, these vintage marvels demonstrated that age is just a number as they proved that they're every bit as competitive as the modern cars.

As the sun set on another incredible day, 5 teams were invited to participate in the EV Engineering Design Finals. A huge congratulations to Greenteam Stuttgart, AMZ, Delft, KA Raceing, and Tallin for their exceptional engineering prowess!

Stay tuned for more updates and keep cheering for your favorite teams!

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