24. May 2019

The updated FSG 2019 Competition Handbook is online!

Category: 2019, Competition

The FSG 2019 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2019, identifying the key dates, deadlines and important information about the competition itself. It has been updated in the following...

22. May 2019

FSG Driverless Starters Workshop

Category: Academy, 2019, Formula Student Driverless

The first FSG Driverless Starters Workshop was held on 11th of Mai 2019 in Munich at AID. In total, 160 Students from 56 teams and 12 countries attended this event. We would like to thank Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH and...

22. November 2018

An outlook on FSG 2021 and the following seasons

Category: Competition, 2021, 2022

FSG is pushing the Driverless development even farther, while keeping all mechanical engineering development. Thereby we want to set a challenging exercise for diverse engineering teams and give all participating students the...

21. November 2018

FSG Academy at ZF in Friedrichshafen - Media

Category: Academy, 2019, Competition

Last Saturday, 300 students from 72 teams attended the FSG Academy kick-off event for FSG2019 at the ZF Forum in Friedrichshafen. Many thanks to ZF and all involved for the wonderful day! For all who could not attend, we have...

18. November 2018

2019 Competition & Registration Dates

Category: Competition, 2019

The FSG Registration Quiz will be held on 2019-02-01 13:00 CET. FSG 2019 will be held from 2019-08-05 until 2019-08-11 in Hockenheim. Both of these days have been chosen in coordination with the other European...

01. November 2018

Free Online Workshop - Aerodynamics and CFD with SimScale

Category: Academy, Workshops, 2018

SimScale and Formula Student Germany are joining forces for the third time to offer a free workshop series about the application of CFD in Formula Student. Participants will receive a hands-on, interactive introduction to the...

21. October 2018

FSG Academy 2018 at ZF in Friedrichshafen

Category: Academy, 2018, Workshops

The yearly FSG academy main event offering support and information to Formula Student teams will be held on Saturday the 17th of November 2018 at ZF in Friedrichshafen. It is open to anyone who is a registered member of a Formula...

19. September 2018

Rules 2019 V1.0 + Rules Feedback Tool

Category: Competition, 2019

The first version of the rules for FSG2019 is now published. While overall no substantial changes have been applied, a lot of detailed work has been done to clarify and simplify the...

12. August 2018

#FSG18 says thank you and congratulates all winners

Category: Competition, 2018

#FSG18 is over. Seven hot days, three technical vehicle classes, thousands of participants and visitors made this Formula Student Germany amazing again. Congratulation to the winner of #FSG18 and thank you to all participants,...

09. August 2018

FSG Penalty Publishing Tool was born

Category: Competition, 2018

A new FSG tool was born at #FSG18. From now on the FSG Scoring Team is publishing penalties of offences happened during ACC, SKP, ATX and Misc. events on the FSG Website in details. The intention behind the tool is to make FSG...

09. August 2018

FSC Design Finals (FRI, 19:30 -22:00) & Cost Shoot Out (FRI, 09:00 - 10:10)

Category: Competition, 2018

Thursday was the second Statics Day of #FSG18. In addition to this the second Engineering Design and Cost Event round took place. This time the FSC teams were judged by our experts from different businesses. Similar to the...

09. August 2018

FSC Business Plan Presentation Finals (THU, 19:30 - 20:30)

Category: Competition, 2018

The second #FSG18 Statics Event Day comes to its end. Beside the FSE and FSD Engineering Design Finals, the FSC Business Plan Presentation final will take place at the end of the day. Today 58 teams presented their business...

09. August 2018

FSD & FSE Design Finals (THU, 19:15 - 21:45)

Category: Competition, 2018

On Wednesday the #FSG18 Engineering Design Event for FSE and FSD teams took place. 132 judges from different companies with a lot of experience in different special fields of vehicle design evaluated the teams. After a long...

08. August 2018

Business Plan FSE Finals and FSD Highlight Presentation (WED, 20-21)

Category: Competition, 2018

The first day of #FSG18 Statics Events is almost done. The day will be closed by the FSE Business Plan Finals and FSD Business Plan Highlight Presentation. 43 Business Plan Judges evaluated the whole day creative and exciting...

07. August 2018

FSG18 Engineering Design Scoring Categories

Category: Competition, 2018

Based on FS Rule S3.8.2, Formula Student Germany will use different Engineering Design Scoring Categories during #FSG18. We have modified the scoring matrix to match it to the established Engineering Design Event Procedure and...

04. August 2018

[UPDATE] Team and truck entrance on Monday and Tuesday (copy 1)

Category: Competition, 2018

[Update]: On Tuesday, until 15:30, a maximum of 7 DV/EV team members with pink passes may enter specific areas on the venue. The only accessible areas are the dynamic area, charging tent and pit building. CV access will start at...

01. August 2018

[UPDATE] Fixed time slots for Tech-Inspection and Tech-Inspection-Sheets online

Category: 2018, Competition

Fixed time slots for Technical Inspection: Based on feedback from the FSG workshop round-table discussions and the wish to have as many teams as possible at FSG we decided to introduce a fixed time schedule and slots for the...

01. August 2018

FSG2018 Pre-inspection Procedure + Driver Egress Test

Category: 2018, Competition

Pre-Inspection as a part of the Technical Inspection will be carried out in a tent in the area directly in front of Dynamic Gate g2. The Pre-Inspection will follow the "first come first serve" principle and is available...

26. July 2018

FSG18 Business Plan Presentation Event - Deep Dive Topic

Category: Competition, 2018

#FSG18 Business Plan Presentation Deep Dive Topics for FSC, FSD and FSE teams are available within the rules section on the FSG website from now on.

23. July 2018

FS Rules 2018 - Feedback Welcome

Category: Competition

If you found errors, ambiguities or inconsistencies in the FS Rules 2018, we offer you the opportunity to provide feedback. Please note that only constructive criticism and ideally alternative wording proposals are ...

11. July 2018

Reminder: Limitations for Team Trucks

Category: Competition, 2018

Due to the limited space in Hockenheim and to ensure a well-ordered build-up and tear-down of the pits, each team can use ONLY ONE vehicle, called the "team truck", to transport their competition vehicle and equipment. ...

12. April 2018

FSG2018 ESF (Electrical System Form) Deadline

Category: Competition, 2018

The ESF is now online and can be submitted. Due to some changes in the structure of the ESF forms the process of bringing them online and working took longer than expected. This inconvenience will be compensated by extending the...

02. April 2018

The updated FSG 2018 Competition Handbook is online!

Category: Competition, 2018

The FSG 2018 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2018, identifying the key dates, deadlines and important information about the competition itself. It has been updated in the following...

02. April 2018

Campsite Situation clarified for FSG2018

Category: General, Competition, 2018

We’re happy to announce the availability of the C2 and C3 campgrounds next to the Hockenheimring providing proximity to the event ground for the Formula Student Germany 2018 event. Here you’ll find the campsite location...

12. March 2018

FSD & FSE: Autonomous & Electrical Add Item Requests

Category: Formula Student Electric, Formula Student Driverless, 2018, Competition

The web-based forms for ASF Add Item Request (AAIR) & ESF Add Item Request (EAIR) are now available. Firstly, please check whether all items you need for your Autonomous System Form (ASF)/Electrical System Form...

26. January 2018

With Riedel on Air! [UPDATE 20180126]

Category: 2018, General

Sponsoring for 2 European teams with a total value of € 15,000

11. January 2018

The FSG 2018 Competition Handbook V1.0 and test registration are online!

Category: 2018, Competition

The FSG 2018 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2018, identifying the key dates, deadlines and important information about the competition itself. It also gives details on...

24. December 2017

Updated Formula Student World Ranking Lists

Category: 2017, General

Both Formula Student World Ranking Lists have been updated after the last competition of this season in Australia. You will find them on https://mazur-events.de/fs-world/. The year 2017 is successfully coming to an...

18. December 2017

Registration starts on 22th of January [UPDATE 20171220]

Category: Competition, 2018

The team registration starts on 2018-01-22 13:00 CET and will take place in the form of a quiz. There will be one quiz for all three classes. The topic for the quiz is: Formula Student Rules 2018 (excluding the specific rules for...

06. December 2017

Driverless: EBS Reference Guide is finally released

Category: 2018, Formula Student Driverless, Competition

We are happy to announce that the Emergency Brake System (EBS) Reference Guide, we presented on the FSG Workshop, is now available for download. It can be found in the Rules section: Important Documents for FSG 2018. This...

03. November 2017

Win Tickets for „Vehicle safety 2017“

Category: Partners, 2017, Workshops, Industry

The VDI awards tickets for the first 5 participants to the biggest branch meeting of security experts in the automotive industry – the congress “Vehicle safety 2017”.

25. October 2017

FSG Academy 2017 in Herzogenaurach: Slides & Videos are online

Category: Academy, 2017

The yearly FSG academy event offering support and information to Formula Student teams was held on 21st October 2017 at Schaeffler in Herzogenaurach in cooperation with MathWorks. Over 300 students from 66 teams and 8 countries...

08. October 2017

Win Tickets for Electronics in vehicles - ELIV 2017

Category: 2017, Partners

The VDI awards tickets for the first 10 participants to the most important branch meeting of electronic experts in the automotive industry - the VDI Congress "Electronics in vehicles - ELIV". The congress focuses on the...

02. October 2017

Rules 2018 v1.1 published

Category: Competition, 2018

As planned, the Rules 2018 V1.1 including your feedback are now published. Changes to V1.0 can be easily found using the Changelog at the beginning of the document. As announced earlier, this document will not change anymore and...

18. September 2017

Rules 2018 v1.0 + Feedback Tracker

Category: Competition, 2018

The first version of the rules for FSG2018 is now published: FS-Rules_2018_V1.0.pdf. While overall no substantial changes have been applied, a lot of detailed work has been done to clarify and simplify the document. Oversea...

09. September 2017

FSG 2017 Penalty Decisions and Updated Results including decisions regarding protests

Category: 2017, General, Competition

Formula Student Germany would like to inform about changes within the results of #FSG2017 due to protests and feedbacks. Furthermore to make the results and decisions by the rules and scoring committee as transparent a...

06. September 2017

2018 Rules Schedule

Category: Competition, 2018

Monday, 2017-09-18first version of 2018 rules will be published, this version is meant to be close to final. FSG forum opens to collect feedback until Sunday, 2017-09-24 13:00...

13. August 2017

FSG 2017 Endurance Running Order v2 ***Update***

Category: 2017, Competition, General

A new running order for the Endurance event has been published. The former running order was created based on wrong data input regarding the lap times of the teams considered. The FSG team apologises for the inconvenience and...

12. August 2017

FSE 2017 Engineering Design Finalists

Category: Competition, 2017, General

The FSE Engineering Design Event is the battle for the best designed and build Formula Student Electric car. Before the event each team uploaded a six page engineering design report as well as the technical specification of the...

11. August 2017

FSC 2017 Engineering Design Finalists

Category: Competition, 2017, General

65 teams did compete in the FSC Engineering Design Event. Hundreds of pages were evaluated by the statics team and judges. Additionally a lot of discussions and presentation took place on Thursday. It was a thrilling event and we...

11. August 2017

Resumé of Day 4

Category: Formula Student Driverless, Competition

The Driverless Dynamics kicked off on Thursday, with ETH Zurich successfully completing the first real lap of the Acceleration event. The rain was pouring, but this did not dampen the spirits as the crowds cheered at the...

11. August 2017

FSD: Updated track drive procedure

Category: Formula Student Driverless, 2017, Competition

Based on the experiences from the first ever FSD dynamic events yesterday, we decided to update the procedure for todays track drive event as follows: Track drive is split into two sessions One run per session ...

10. August 2017

Important Info for Morning Briefing

Category: Competition, 2017, General

Please attend the morning briefing (8 a.m. CEST) with at least 1 ESO per team (Electric Vehicle), ASR has to attend as usual.

10. August 2017

Today's Team Briefing

Category: Competition, 2017

The presentation of today's Team Briefing available for download now:

10. August 2017

Media Footage

Category: Competition, 2017, General

...do you want to see some more photos? Check out the OFFICIAL FSG photos from the week so far under: http://media.formulastudent.de/FSG17 

10. August 2017

Insulated tools to be used in charging/accumulator tent.

Category: Competition, 2017, General

After a light incident with a battery cell shortcut in the charging tent (no person harmed or affected) we have decided to allow only iinsulated tools to be brought into the charging tent. Please make sure to sort any non...

10. August 2017

Update Driverless Dynamics

Category: 2017, General, Formula Student Driverless, Competition

Contrary to the announcement in todays team briefing and the rules, there will be four runs per driverless vehicle for acceleration and skid pad. Run one and two have priority in the running order.

10. August 2017

Request from Commentators to Teams

Category: Competition, 2017

For the coming race days the commentators would really like to have your input about any fun facts regarding your team. What's your car's name? Who are the drivers and what are their nicknames? Whose team helped you getting here?...

09. August 2017

Resumé of Day 3

Category: Competition, 2017, General

Day 3 of Formula Student Germany and the teams are working hard to get their cars through the tough scrutineering in order to be able to compete in the dynamic events. A couple of driverless teams (2) have made it through and we...

09. August 2017


Category: General, 2017

Today we managed to bring 84 of the 114 Teams together for a giant photo overlooking the Formula Student Germany event site. It was a beautiful day and the teams were buzzing as they patiently waited for the 2017 Panoramic...

08. August 2017

FSG17 Special Awards Finalists & Schedule

Category: Competition, 2017, FSC Award, FSE Award, FSG Award

Special Awards are the battle for trophies within a defined field of engineering design. Each year our sponsors offer the opportunity to the teams to submit an application and present their unique concepts to the judges during...

08. August 2017

FSD17 Modified Statics Schedule for Saturday

Category: 2017, Formula Student Driverless, General, Competition

Dear driverless teams participating at Formula Student Germany 2017,due to unforeseeable changes with the judge allocation and event site set-up we unfortunately had to realign the Saturdays Engineering Design & Cost Groups...

07. August 2017

White Competition T-Shirts

Category: Competition, 2017, Formula Student Driverless, General

Due to space restrictions in Event Control, the White Competition T-Shirts that every Team Member receives will be handed out tomorrow (Tuesday 9th August) at 8.00pm outside Pit 2, before the Welcome Ceremony begins. Note to all...

05. August 2017

Update on the camping situation at the Hockenheim Ring

Category: 2017, Competition, General

The FSG Team have been working together with the Hockenheim Ring and can confirm that the campsites C2, C3 and C4 have had multiple trees fall down as a result of the storm on Thursday night. The area will be checked on Monday,...

11. July 2017

Formula Student Teams at Bosch Proving Ground Boxberg

Category: 2017, Partners

On July the 8th Bosch opened it’s proving ground at Boxberg to 20 Formula Student teams in order to test their cars for the upcoming events such as Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim. The teams had the chance to get...

04. July 2017

Daimler Best E-Drive Packaging Award 2017: Apply now!

Category: Competition, 2017, FSE Award

The future has begun: Numerous electric and fuel cell test vehicles have proven their worth in field trials. We have demonstrated the technical feasibility of electromobility, the production of highly diverse vehicles is now...

03. July 2017

"Audi Vorsprung Award" - best lightweight concept 2017

Category: Competition, 2017, FSC Award, FSE Award

There are no compromises when it comes to the finest sports car engineering. Technical precision and performance must be pushed to the limits – and beyond. Audi pioneered the use of aluminum in manufacturing car bodies. With fuel...

25. June 2017

Opel Style Award 2017 by Opel Design Center Germany

Category: Competition, 2017, FSC Award, FSE Award

OPEL. THE FUTURE IS EVERYONE’S. To be a winning team several characteristics are required to set your team and your car apart from others. Team spirit, engagement, know-how, car performance and durability are probably the most...

21. June 2017

Become the Porsche Performance Innovation Award winner of 2017!

Category: Competition, 2017, FSC Award, FSE Award

“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself.” It was over 60 years ago that Ferry Porsche had his vision of the sports car of the future. A vision that has...

15. June 2017

BASF Best Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics Award 2017

Category: 2017, FSC Award, FSE Award, Competition

Why does BASF as The Chemical Company award a prize for the “Best Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics”? High performance plastics are a very sophisticated form of chemicals and have a large variety. They can contain different types...

29. May 2017

“Most Innovative Powertrain System” powered by MTU

Category: Competition, 2017, FSC Award

As a leading supplier of diesel engines for marine propulsion and off-highway applications, MTU is particularly committed to setting the benchmark in powertrain design. Each time our engineers tackle the task of pushing...

29. May 2017

Vehicle Shipping & Letter of Invitation (Visa)

Category: General, 2017

Dear participants of FSG 2017, here are some important information and reminder for you: Vehicle ShippingAll teams that intend to have their car shipped to the Hockenheimring for FSG 2017 are kindly requested to take notice of...

22. May 2017

FSC, FSD, FSE Award “Best Prepared Car for Scrutineering”

Category: Competition, 2017, FSC Award, FSD Award, FSE Award

Would you like to be the first team in the scrutineering order of the FSG 2018? If your answer is yes you should read the following announcement for the “Best prepared car for scrutineering” award carefully.As you know...

07. April 2017

FSG2017 Schedule published

Category: Competition, 2017

The schedule for FSG 2017 is online! In order to integrate the new driverless class some time slots had to be adapted. So among others the team registration and scrutineering for the driverless class will already...

05. April 2017

Preliminary Spec Sheet of the FSG Data Logger published

Category: Competition, 2017, Formula Student Electric, Formula Student Driverless

Due to the lessons learned operating the now 6 year old Energy Meter and because of the addition of the FSD class, which demands a data logger, FSG has decided to develop a new FSG Data Logger integrating both functions. With...

18. March 2017

New website tool for creating the (C-)BOM is online!

Category: Competition, 2017

We are pleased to introduce a new tool to the Formula Student community. All team captains are now able to create the (Costed) Bill of Material in their team area, regardless of whether their team is registered for the FSG...

09. March 2017

FSD & FSE: Autonomous & Electrical System Forms + Add Item Requests

Category: Competition, 2017, Formula Student Electric, Formula Student Driverless

The web-based forms for ASF Add Item Request (AAIR) & ESF Add Item Request (EAIR) are now available. Firstly, please check whether all items you need for your Autonomous System Form (ASF)/Electrical System Form (ESF) are...

17. January 2017

Registration for FSG 2017 is completed

Category: Competition, 2017

249 teams from all over the world participated in registration, a new record. 37 countries: Austria(5), Bangladesh(1), Belgium(1), Bulgaria(1), Canada(4), China(6), Croatia(2), Czech Republic(5), Denmark(1), Estonia(1),...

06. January 2017

Formula Student Germany 2016 - Special Publication

Category: General, Competition, 2016

A compilation of the Formula Student Germany Event at Hockenheim 2016 has been published by ATZ, featuring FSG impressions as well as highlighting teams design concepts: https://goo.gl/qjrzLV

10. December 2016

The FSG Competition Handbook V1.0 is now online!

Category: Competition, 2017

The FSG Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2017, identifying the key dates, deadlines and information required for the period leading up to the 2017 competition. It also gives...

30. November 2016

Formula Student Rules 2017 V1.1

Category: Competition, 2017

As stated when publishing the updated  "Aerodynamic devices" section, a fully revised version of the Rules 2017 is now published. All changes are based on feedback and Rules Tracker inquiries we received since the...

10. November 2016

The "Aerodynamic devices" section of the Rules 2017 was updated

Category: Competition, 2017

As stated when publishing the Rules 2017, the intent is to keep the possibility of oversea competition participation. Based on the feedback we received, the "Aerodynamic devices" section was the only part of the...

27. October 2016

Rules 2017 v1.0

Category: Competition, 2017

The first version of the rules for FSG2017 is now published: Rules2017_V1.0.pdf A lot of work has been done to generate a combined document, which simplifies things in many areas and updates others to the state-of-the-art....

29. September 2016

FSG 2016 Main Workshop at Bosch Engineering GmbH

Category: General, 2016, Academy

The 2016 FSG Workshop will be held at Bosch Engineering GmbH in Abstatt on Saturday the 29th of October. The workshop offers support and information to teams (planning on) participating in Formula Student. Due to the fact that...

15. August 2016

Correction: FSE Efficiency Winner

Category: Competition, FSE Award, 2016

Due to the fact that we wanted to start the award ceremony right on time the cross checking of the penalty system was still ongoing during the ceremony.We realized that the team Global Formula Racing was not the correct...

14. August 2016

Congratulations to all winners - Award Ceremony Part 2

Category: Competition, FSG Award, 2016

It’s been a long week on the Hockenheimring racetrack - hot weather and a lot of hard work. Finally, all the time spent by the teams on testing and optimizing the vehicles has paid off.  It has been a very successful week...

14. August 2016

16 successful finishers in first part of Endurance event

Category: Competition, 2016

So far, today's Endurance Event has seen 16 successful finishers. All morning the first 45 teams of Formula Student Germany 2016 have competed on the 22 km long racetrack to test the durability of their cars. The later...

14. August 2016

Endurance started!

Category: Competition, 2016

On this final day of Formula Student Germany 2016 the Endurance event takes place.It is the last of the dynamic disciplines and probably the most exciting one.All cars that have passed the previous disciplines compete on the 22...

14. August 2016

FSG16 Endurance Running Order

Category: General, 2016

The Running Order for Endurance is available now. Please see the attached document. The Endurance is divided in two sessions: Morning Session will take place between 08:30 - 13.00. Afternoon Session will take place between...

13. August 2016

Sportsmanship Award 2016: Please hand in nominations!

Category: Competition, FSG Award

Don't forget about the Sportsmanship Award! Please hand in your nominations until 15:00 on Sunday at Event control! 

13. August 2016

Overall Results Formula Student Driverless Concept Award

Category: Competition

15 teams handed in concepts to suggest ideas and solutions for a possible driverless event at Formula Student Germany and participated in the Formula Student Driverless Concept Award. After thorough examination by the...

13. August 2016

VIP Reception 2016

Category: Competition, 2016

Again, in 2016 FSG invited sponsors and other interested VIPs to a VIP reception at the BW Tower. Here, they all had the opportunity to learn more about the new Formula Student Driverless (FSD) competition, to talk to...

13. August 2016

Guided Tours 2016

Category: Competition, 2016

As every year, we are happy to offer our popular Guided Tours to our sponsors, visitors and friends. Our tour guides are all former participants of FS events. Each has personal experience, thorough insights and detailed knowledge...

13. August 2016

Dynamics today: Acceleration and Autocross

Category: Competition, 2016

After yesterday’s Award Ceremony Part I most static events are over and every team is now eager to do well during the dynamic events, which can be observed from the grand stands. First is Acceleration from 8:30-12:30. It takes...

13. August 2016

Congratulations to all winners - Award Ceremony Part 1

Category: Competition, FSG Award, 2016

We congratulate all teams that have received their well deserved awards during Award Ceremony Part I on Friday. Your dedication, time and effort was well worth it. This marks the first part of Formula Student Germany this...

12. August 2016

This year's combustion Engineering Design finalists are...

Category: Competition, FSC Award

These are the 6 finalists for the FSC Engineering Design event.   Uni Stuttgart (car 202)TU München (car 231)Seattle (car 269)Oxford (car 292)Hamburg UAS (car 369)Montreal McGill...

12. August 2016

FSG Award “Best Systems Engineering” powered by Schaeffler

Category: Competition

A Formula Student car – independent of being a combustion or an electric one - is a complex system interacting with the driver and its subsystems also interacting with each other. Handling this complexity is one of the main tasks...

12. August 2016

FSC “Most Innovative Powertrain System” Award powered by MTU

Category: Competition

As a leading supplier of diesel engines for marine propulsion and off-highway applications, MTU is particularly committed to setting the benchmark in powertrain design. For the “Most Innovative Powertrain System” Award the...

12. August 2016

BASF Best Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics Award 2016

Category: Competition

Why does BASF award a prize for the “Best Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics”? High performance plastics are a very sophisticated form of chemicals and have a large variety. They can contain different types of fibers, fiber...

12. August 2016

Daimler Special Award "Best E-Drive Packaging" 2016

Category: General, Competition

Nine teams have competed in the finals for the special award "Best E-Drive Packaging", sponsored by Daimler.  And the winner is TU Delft (Car 1). The second place goes to the team of ETH Zürich (Car 33), the...

12. August 2016

Porsche Performance Innovation Award 2016

Category: Competition

5 teams competed in this years’ first Porsche special award at Formula Student Germany, „Porsche Performance Innovation Award“. The winner 2016 is UAS Deggendorf (car 44). Second place goes to UAS Zwickau (Car 96), third...

12. August 2016

Opel Style Award 2016 by Opel Design Center Germany

Category: Competition

A very important part of success is always also the definition of an elaborated car design. Getting people’s attention to your product is something that can really help you. Each team has to merchandise their project to gain...

12. August 2016

And the three FSC Business Plan finalists are…

Category: Competition, FSC Award

Tonight the FSC Business Plan Presentation finals take place in the Marquee above Pits. The four finalists are (in order of final presentation): OSU Corvallis (Car 201)Uni Stuttgart (Car 202)Uni Paderborn (Car...

12. August 2016

Formula Student Electric Static Events results

Category: Competition, FSE Award

After a whole day of presenting, evaluating and judging the results of yesterdays electric cars Cost and Business Plan Presentation events are now online. http://www.formulastudent.de/fse/2016/results/ The...

12. August 2016

Autonomous Driving at Formula Student Germany 2017

Category: Competition, General

FSG once again leads the world of Formula Student with a new competition class, Formula Student Driverless (FSD)

12. August 2016

Watch FSG 2016 live

Category: General, Competition

Again, everybody can follow the dynamic events on the Hockenheimring live on formulastudent.tv. Right now you can watch skidpad, the first dynamic discipline.

12. August 2016

Finally, the first dynamic event takes places today: Skidpad

Category: Competition, FSC Award

Skidpad measures the cornering speed of the car. At Formula Student Germany, the cars perform the skid pad on a wet track, making it the Wet Pad. The Wet Pad guarantees similar track conditions for all teams, namely very wet. The...

12. August 2016

Formula Student Electric Design Finalists

Category: Competition, FSE Award

The 2016 FSE Design Finalists are ...

12. August 2016

FSC static events take place today

Category: Competition, FSC Award

Today we enter the second round of static events. This time it is the Formula Student Combustion teams turn to present the underlying concept of their race cars. During the day, FSC teams will present the technical solutions,...

12. August 2016

Successful second day of Scrutineering

Category: General, Competition

On the second day of scrutineering 97 FSE and FSC teams were seen by the technical inspectors, 25 electric cars and 72 combustion cars. At the end of a long day, 30 FSC and 5 FSE teams successfully passed the complete...

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