02. August 2014

Formula Student International Council

Category: General, Competition, 2014

Once again, the representatives of the worldwide Formula Student events got together to discuss the future and development of these competitions. Delegates from Australia, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Russia, Spain, Thailand...

01. August 2014

Ground Clearance #FSG2014

Category: General, Competition, 2014

According to rule T6.2 in only five areas it is allowed to touch the ground on the track with the car. You can find these special zones marked in red on the attached picture. Touching the ground outside of these areas will lead...

31. July 2014

Panoramic Picture #FSG2014

Category: General, Competition, 2014

Here it comes: The one and only panoramic photo which was taken yesterday! Even without the sun shining, it's a great picture anyway with 115 teams and 3600 students.Thanks for everyone's patience and don't forget to look for...

30. July 2014

Panoramic Photo - preview

Category: General, 2014, Competition

Thank you to the teams for their patience in helping to create one of the most spectacular photos of the season!  Today, almost 115 teams pushed their cars to the dynamics area where they waited patiently as the officials...

30. July 2014

Press vest for the FSG teams

Category: General, Competition, 2014

From Friday, every team has the chance to get one press vest at the Event Control for a deposit of 50 €. If you would like to take photos before Friday, for example during scrutineering, your camera guy or girl has to use one of...

30. July 2014

Welcome to FSG 2014

Category: General, Competition, 2014

After an intense weekend of setting up the site, the gates opened at around 6pm last night and the teams were allowed onto the site to set up their pits. Just from the initial nighttime walk through the pits, it is clear to see...

29. July 2014

Spanner the Drone

Category: Competition, 2014, General

The FSG Team are working hard to complete the set up of the FSG site at the Hockenheim Ring. Despite the grey weather, the atmosphere is buzzing as we await the arrival of the teams to FSG 2014.   One of our latest team...

28. July 2014

Guided Tours 2014

Category: General

Dear all, Formula Student Germany 2014 was officially started this morning with the preparations of the eventside. 30 Whitshirts, about 60 redshirts and several technical supporters are just setting up about 20 tons of...

22. July 2014

Towing Your Trailer Safely

Category: General, 2014, Pat´s Corner

In April 2006, a team from the University of Mankato in Minnesota,  attending FSAE in Michigan, lost control of their trailer in a cross wind and crashed into opposing traffic. Three students were killed and several others...

22. July 2014

Scrutineering Podcasts E05-E09

Category: General, Academy

With just a few days to go until the start of FSG 2014, here are some final tips from the Scrutineers to help this years' competing teams in getting through the technical inspection. From unknotting cable spaghetti, to...

16. July 2014

Some of the Issues a Team Faces When Designing for FSG.

Category: General, 2014, Pat´s Corner

It is now 20 years since I saw my first Formula Student event, FSAE 1994 at the Pontiac Silverdome in the US. I was on a business trip in the USA and attended as a spectator. Pontiac Silverdome where the FSAE competition was...

25. June 2014

Scrutineering Podcast E04: Time to meet PERCY!

Category: General, Academy

Watch the next video as Ulf and Patrick explain the PERCY rule. Please make sure that you check these rules have been followed properly and your car complies to them before coming to the event to prevent disappointment in the...

25. June 2014

Scrutineering Podcast E03: The tractive system active light (TSAL)

Category: General, Academy

The tractive system active light (TSAL) test is one of the mandatory tests that will be carried out on EVERY electric car. Watch this video as Juergen demonstrates how the TSAL test will be carried out during the electrical...

23. April 2014

First Formula Student Event in Russia supported by FSG members

Category: General

In the time of September the 4th to September the 7th, the first Formula Student event Russia will take place on the ADM Raceway in Miachkovo village near Moscow. The event is organized by the Committee Formula Student...

27. March 2014

Letter of invitation for your visa

Category: General

Please note that all selected team members for FSG14 which uploaded their valid Health Insurance Card (HIC) and passed the HIC-check, will find a personalized letter of invitation with a digital signature in their account...

24. March 2014

UVV Workshop on handling of high voltage systems in road vehicles

Category: General, 2014

DEKRA Automobil GmbH offers a workshop on handling of high voltage (HV) systems on board of road vehicles. The workshop will be held on April 23th from 9:00 until 16:00 o’clock in Stuttgart, the language of the workshop will be...

07. March 2014

Support our media team in FSG 2014!

Category: General, 2014

Shutterspeed, aperture, fps or high-ISO sound like rocket-science? No? And you know how to combine these? Before becoming an alumni were you THE guy/girl (in your team) when it came to stills or videos? And now it is time to grow...

21. February 2014

Got IT skills? We need help!

Category: General, 2014

The team of the Formula Student Germany tends to do things a bit different than others. Are you never satisfied and always striving for the best? Do you work day and night just to get the tiny details right? Are you a team player...

15. February 2014

AMI want you!

Category: General, 2014

Dear Formula Student teams,From 31 May through 8 June, 2014, Leipzig will once again become the major meeting point for the international automotive industry during the AMI - Auto Mobil International. In combination with the...

22. December 2013

Season's Greetings!

Category: General

Dear sponsors, judges, team members, officials, friends! The 2013 FS year gets to an end as well as the calendar year does. In a few days we will see a run towards the registration of many FS events. As this represents the...

19. December 2013

Learn more about MathWorks Support of the 2014 Formula Student Germany Competition

Category: General

Racing enthusiast, colleagues, friends, MathWorks is pleased to announce that we will sponsor Formula Student Germany in 2014. Please see the support we will provide to help your team in succeed in 2014. 1. Complimentary...

20. November 2013

MATLAB & Simulink Racing Lounge for Formula Student teams

Category: General

Hello Formula Student teams, MathWorks invites you to participate in the MATLAB & Simulink Racing Lounge. This is a live online series featuring specialists from MathWorks and guests from the community. We will discuss...

12. November 2013

careers4engineers automotive - 16th November 2013, Chemnitz

Category: General

The upcoming career event careers4engineers automotive features several interesting topics addressing Formula Student teams. In a round table meeting led by Prof. Mathias Thein, WHZ Zwickau several FSG Alumni join to discuss the...

24. October 2013

Free desktop and cloud software for Formula Student teams

Category: General

Autodesk supports Formula Student teams around the world with free full version industry recognized software and cloud computing services. Any Formula Student team just like yours can have immediate access to this without the...

15. May 2013

UVV Workshop on handling of high voltage systems in road vehicles tailored to Formula Student Germay

Category: General, 2013

DEKRA offers again a workshop on the handling of high voltage (HV) systems on board of road vehicles.  The workshop will be held on June 5th from 9:00 until 16:00 in Stuttgart, the language of the workshop will be...

08. April 2013

Information on VDI membership for Formula Student Germany Teams

Category: General

VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure/Association of German Engineers) has been co-founding, supporting and sponsoring Formula Student Germany since its very first year. German participants join VDI to take part in the competition....

02. April 2013

Introduction to Simulink for Formula Student Germany Teams

Category: General

MathWorks is offering a two-day, online Simulink training specifically designed for Formula Student Germany teams on April 23, 2013. Please follow the link for more information and to...

02. April 2013

April Fools!

Category: General

Yesterday's news, that the 2015 Formula Student Germany event would only be open to electric cars was an April Fools joke. FSC Teams do not need to worry, FSG 2015 will be open for cars with an internal combustion engine, and FSE...

01. April 2013

Formula Student Germany 2015 for electric cars only

Category: General

The organizers of FSG have decided that the 2015 FSG event will be open to electric vehicles only. The decision has been taken based on the huge success of Formula Student Electric in the past three years. "From the start...

27. February 2013

Registration as participant and letter of invitation for your visa

Category: 2013, Competition, General

Please note that all selected team members for FSG13 which uploaded their valid Health Insurance Card (HIC) and passed the HIC-check, will find a personalized letter of invitation in their account overview. This letter may be...

04. February 2013

Does your team speak MATLAB?

Category: General

Racing enthusiast, colleagues, friends, MathWorks is pleased to announce that we will sponsor Formula Student Germany in 2013. Please see the support we will provide to help your team succeed. 1 Complimentary | access to MATLAB...

24. December 2012

Season's Greetings!

Category: General

The Formula Student Germany Operative Team wishes you and all those dear to you a merry Christmas and a very successful 2013! We hope that you will find some time to relax over the holidays and to recharge for another exciting...

05. August 2012

Formula Student Germany at Hockenheim for the next five years

Category: General

Yesterday Tim Hannig and Daniel Mazur of the Formula Student Germany board shook hands with Georg Seiler, Geschäftsführer Hockenheimring, and Klaus Schwenninger, Leiter Technik und Betrieb Hockenheimring. With this handshake both...

02. August 2012

All but one team arrived at FSG

Category: General, 2012

News from registration: All but one team, that is 108 teams altogether, arrived at Hockenheimring. More than ever!! Also, three other teams have come to visit Formula Student Germany: Tongji (China), MADI (Russia) and Bangalore...

01. August 2012

New: FSG online job board!

Category: General, 2012

Let us introduce to you the newest FSG feature that is online now: the FSG job board! From now on, the FSG sponsors can upload job offers, internships, theses, traineeships etc here. And you, that is all active team members...

25. July 2012

Deadline for final team list

Category: Competition, General, 2012

Please note that on Friday, July 27th, 12:00 CEST is the deadline for the final team list. Registration will be closed then. This means that teams can still withdraw but that they cannot be replaced by a new team on the waiting...

12. July 2012

Facts & Figures about FSG 2012

Category: Competition, 2012, General

Here you find important facts and figures about Formula Student Germany on one page to be used for example for media requests that might be directly addressed to you. Again, we would also kindly ask you to read the rules and...

11. April 2012

Volunteers wanted for FSG 2012

Category: General

We are looking for volunteers who want to help us to make Formula Student Germany 2012 another unforgettable event for all its participants. Whether you cannot compete in Formula Student Germany 2012 but still want to be part of...

21. December 2011

Formula Student Combustion and Formula Student Electric on one website

Category: General

To end the year the websites of both Formula Student Electric and Formula Student Electric Combustion can now be found on one website: www.formulastudent.de As Formula Student Germany is an international competition, all website...

15. November 2011

Formula Student Gemany visiting China

Category: General

In October 2011, for the first time ever, the German Formula Student team “TUfast”, from the Technical University of Munich, travelled to Asia with board members from Formula Student Germany (FSG) to become the first ever...

09. October 2011

Operative team prepare for Formula Student Germany 2012

Category: General

The weekend of 17 and 18 September the FSG Operative Team came together in Leipzig to evaluate the 2011 event and to discuss and start the preparations for the 2012 event. Overall this has been a very constructive meeting and...

01. August 2011

Easy internet access at FSG 2011 powered by Bosch

Category: General

This year, wireless internet powered by Bosch is being provided to all participating teams and visitors of FSG 2011.  For simplification, it is also possible to set-up laptops or mobile devices from home to this...

01. August 2011

FSG team arrived at the Hockenheim Ring!

Category: General

Preparation for FSG2011 at the Hockenheim Ring has been running at full speed since this morning. Volunteers and Officals are working hard setting up their equipment, building up the dynamic areas and distributing the equipment....

12. May 2011

eCarTec Award

Category: General

It was brought to our attention that the eCarTec Award 2011 is open for contenders. FSE Teams might be interested in participation. The eCarTec is an internationally leading exhibition for electro-mobility, and will be held this...

01. January 2011

Craig Dawson – Obituary

Category: General

Our dear friend Craig Dawson passed away on December 30th. After two years of fighting against cancer he succumbed. He was only 29 years of age. Our thoughts go out to all people dear to Craig. Craig was a familiar face within...

07. September 2010

Free VDI conference tickets for students!

Category: General

The VDI Gesellschaft Fahrzeug- und Verkehrstechnik (VDI-FVT) offers in conjunction with VDI Wissensforum a limited  amount of free congress tickets to students. Travel and accommodation is not included and has to be covered...

07. August 2010

Formula Student World Council meets in Hockenheim

Category: General

On Friday, the 6th August 2010, the Formula Student World Council came together for the very first time at the Hockenheimring. Representatives of all major Formula Student and Formula SAE events worldwide came to Germany. Never...

27. July 2010

Team's past achievements in team profile

Category: General

From now on, for all teams their Formula Student achievements of years past are posted under the team's profile on this website. The data is the same as can be found on the Formula Student World Ranking List. Just click on the...

01. July 2010

Formula Student Germany: One event, two competitions, three logos

Category: General

From the 4th until the 8th of August, the fifth Formula Student Germany will take place at the Hockenheimring. Up to now, the event was designed for student-built race cars with an internal combustion engine only. With this...

01. April 2010

FSG on Ice

Category: General

The Formula Student Executive Committee announces FSG on Ice to cope with the strong demand for the FSG competition at the Hockenheimring. Currently, 78 teams have registered for the regular FSG event with 41 teams still on the...

27. January 2010

FSG & FSE Introduce Twitter for short messages to teams

Category: General

Formula Student Germany and Formula Student Electric introduce a Twitter for short messages of practical nature. With this new online tool, the FSG Executive Committee aims to even better inform participating teams, as well as...

03. December 2009

DEKRA remains technical partner in the future

Category: General

DEKRA will continue its commitment as official technical partner of Formula Student Germany (FSG) in the coming years. A corresponding agreement was signed in Stuttgart December 1st 2009. Formula Student Germany is an...

01. December 2009

Essen Motorshow 2009

Category: General

German Formula Student teams of the FH Aachen, RWTH Aachen, FH Deggendorf, FH Dortmund, TU Dortmund, Esslingen, HSU Hamburg, FH Köln, Sankt Augustin, FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt and WH Zwickau present themselves for the first time at...

19. November 2009

Formula Student Germany joins FSAE Series

Category: General

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the FSG (Formula Student Germany)  jointly announced today that the FSG competition has been signed on as an official member of the FSAE (Formula SAE) series of student...

11. October 2009

Fun Event at the Lausitzring

Category: General

The weekend of October 9 till 11, a fun event at the Lausitzring, Klettwitz, Germany, took place. An event that was especially organized to thank all the volunteers that put so much time, effort and dedication into making Formula...

02. October 2009

Preparations for Formula Student Germany 2010 are on track

Category: General

Next year’s Formula Student Germany (FSG) will offer participating teams an array of new and exciting challenges as well as an even more professional event. These changes were decided upon by the FSG officials who came...

02. October 2009

New organizational structure of Formula Student Germany

Category: General

In September this year the Formula Student Germany (FSG) board has approved a new FSG organizational structure and decided to strengthen the team by taking on new voluntary members. These changes in structure and human resources...

29. September 2009

International congress "Electronics in vehicles"

Category: General

The 14th international congress of electronics in vehicles takes place on 7th and 8th of October in Baden Baden. Formula Student Electric offers 60 free entries for interested teams. For detailed information please visit...

10. May 2009

Allan Staniforth - Obituary

Category: General

Our friend and mentor ‘Stanny’ passed away peacefully on May 2nd after a short illness. He was 85 years of age and still driving competitively in Sprints and Hillclimbs. Allan was a husband, father and grandfather to more than...

03. February 2009

Steering Committee discusses measures to deal with great demand

Category: General, Competition

In January, 117 teams applied for the 78 starting grids – 39 of them are now on the waiting list. We are aware of the great amount of work and passion these teams have invested in their project and that they also owe a return to...

09. January 2009

Top 10 of FS-world ranking published!

Category: General, Competition

Just in time for the early registration of the Formula Student Germany 2009 the FS-World published the Formula Student world ranking. Please see www.fs-world.org. The FS-World managed to deal with 505 different teams having...

07. January 2009

The season 2009 begins - early registration opens on January 9, 2009

Category: General, Competition

The countdown for the 4th Formula Student Germany from 5-9 August 2009 starts now! Early registration will be open from January 9, 2009. Regular registration starts on January 16, 2009. FSG 2009 offers starting grids for 78...

18. August 2008

Picture Gallery is online

Category: Competition, General

We engaged some photographers to save the impressions of FSG 2008 in pictures: Bernd Hanselmann, Frank Bramkamp, Ingo Reichmann, Kimmo Hirvonen, Bärbel Systermann, Klaus Bergmann, Johannes Rieke and Bastian Schäfer together took...

07. August 2008

FSG increases importance of fuel efficiency

Category: General

From 2009 onwards, the fuel consumption will be increased from a maximum of 50 points to a maximum of 100 points in the overall rating. As a result, it will then represent 10% of all achievable points. The overall distribution of...

21. March 2008

Happy Easter!

Category: General

We wish all teams, our sponsors and friends of Formula Student Germany Happy Easter and a happy egg hunt!

17. February 2008

Number of starting grids increased to 78

Category: General, Competition

After the unexpected number of applications for the Formula Student Germany 2008 we analysed all processes to identify the maximum number of possible teams. As result, the number of starting grids will be increased from 64 to 78,...

06. February 2008

Steering Committee reviews possibilities to increase starting grids

Category: General, Competition

We are all aware of the highly demanding work to be done in preparation of a Formula Student event. The dissapointment of the 25 teams, that did not get one of the 64 places in the Formula Student Germany (FSG) ist more than...

01. February 2008

All 64 places for FSG 2008 are booked

Category: Competition, General

Already 5 minutes and 38 seconds after opening regular registration all available places are booked. 35 german and 29 international teams have successfully registered for the 2008 Formula Student Germany Event. At the moment,...

01. January 2008

Happy New Year!

Category: General

We wish all parties hereto Formula Student Germany a Happy New Year filled with joy, success and lots of lucky days in 2008.

23. December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Category: General

We wish all teams, our sponsors and friends of Formula Student Germany Merry Christmas and reflective holidays!

22. December 2007

Registration starts in less than 5 weeks

Category: General, Competition

The registration for the third Formula Student competition in Germany starts in less than five weeks. The event will take place, like last year, at the Hockenheimring from August 6th to 10th, 2008. To offer as many teams as...

11. December 2007

ATZ MTZ Extra of Formula Student Germany 2007 published

Category: General
ATZ MTZ extra - November 2007

For the second time, the ATZ MTZ Extra magazine presents the Formula Student Germany event magazine. Working closely with teams and organisers, the ATZ MTZ editors created an exciting, professional and technically sophisticated...

16. November 2007

370 students attend FSG-Workshop in Stuttgart;
open discussion during "round table"

Category: General, Academy

At 10th of November, 370 students from 37 teams attended the 3rd FSG-Workshop held at the University of Stuttgart. Industry experts and experienced FS-students gave lectures on technical subjects such as cooling or tires as well...

04. July 2007

Formula Student in Russia!

Category: General

FS team SEG-MADI is delight to invite all teams to first Russian Pre-Event, which will take place in two weeks after FSG-2007 (August 22-25) in Moscow!

19. April 2007

"Team News" available on FSG website

Category: General

Teams can now also post their news on the website of the Formula Student Germany. This way readers will be informed about competition news as well as about what happens in the teams’ offices and workshops.Teams publish their news...

30. November 2006

360 participants registered for workshop

Category: General, Academy

360 participants have registered for the 2nd FSG workshop on the 2nd of December at the VW-AutoUni in Wolfsburg. They belong to a total of 46 teams. Apart from German, Austrian and Swiss teams, participants from Holland and...

30. November 2006

Event Magazine published

Category: General

The Event Magazine for the first Formula Student Germany has been published as a special edition of “atz mtz extra”. The 80 page document addresses newcomers as well as alumni and active team members. All articles are printed in...

30. November 2006

FSG will again be in Hockenheim from the 8th to the 12th of August 2007

Category: General, Competition

Formula Student Germany will again be held in Hockenheim in 2007. From the 8th to the 12th of August 54 teams will be competing with their self-built race cars. Registration will begin on the 1st of February 2007.After the...

07. August 2006

700 students from all over the world celebrate the successful Formula Student Germany

Category: General, Competition

On the last day of the engineering competition at the Hockenheimring, the teams were able to show the capabilities of their car by participating in the 22 km endurance test. The self-built vehicles had to outstand 34 laps. For...

05. August 2006

Dynamic disciplines successful despite damp race track

Category: General, Competition

The first three dynamic events – SkidPad, Acceleration and Autocross – showed in addition to the ability of the race cars the competence of the student teams’ drivers, who geared their vehicles up to outstanding performances. The...

04. August 2006

Award for the best presentation won by TU Delft

Category: General, Competition

Today, the dutch team from TU Delft won the Presentation Event of the Formula Student Germany for the best business case presentation. On the second exciting competition day, 40 teams from 10 nations competed in all static...

03. August 2006

First Formula Student Germany started successfully

Category: General, Competition

The first Formula Student Germany competition started today. 40 Teams from 10 nations found their way to the Hockenheimring, settled in their pits and started with the four stations of the technical and safety inspection. In the...

01. June 2006

PracDays successfully concluded

Category: General

On Sunday the PracDays of Formula Student Germany came to their conclusion. Three days of driving were offered during the ThyssenKrupp IdeenPark. The teams from Germany and Austria were able to effectively test all the dynamic...

25. May 2006

Formula Student at the centre of the IdeenPark

Category: General

At the opening of the IdeenPark on the 20th of May with Christian Wulf, the minister president of Lower-Saxony, and Ekkehard Schulz, the Thyssen-Krupp Manager, Formula Student Germany was represented by TU Munich and their race...

20. May 2006

FSG at IdeenPark from the 20th May

Category: General, Academy

From the 20th to the 28th of May scientists, engineers and appliance workers will be presenting technology and innovations at the ThyssenKrupp IdeenPark. At the IdeenPark the team from the Technical University of Munich will be...

03. May 2006

FSG 2006 reaches capacity

Category: General, Competition

Registration for the First FSG ended on the 30th of April. 40 teams have registered for the possible 40 starting positions. Teams from 11 nations will be taking part: Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, India, Netherlands, New...

03. May 2006

Hanover Technology Fair successfully completed

Category: General

From the 24th to the 28th of April the team from the Technical University of Braunschweig represented Formula Student Germany (FSG) at the VDI stall and exhibited one of their race cars. As a special guest, Edelgard Bulmahn,...

01. May 2006

PracDays 2006: registration closed

Category: General, Academy

11 Teams, 9 Cars, 123 Students registered for the PracDays at IdeenPark 2006 in Hannover

22. April 2006

Hannover Messe, 24 – 28 April 2006

Category: General

Formula Student Germany will be presented at the trade show “Research & Technology” at Hannover Messe at the VDI stand in hall 2, stand D36. The project is represented by the team of the Technical University of Braunschweig which...

08. April 2006

PracDays at IdeenPark

Category: General

With the PracDays on 27th and 28th May 2006 FSG provides within the ThyssenKrupp IdeenPark the opportunity for ample testing and showcasing the cars. The IdeenPark intends to promote the dialog about technics especially for...

17. January 2006

Team Registration and Event Registration

Category: Competition, General

All teams and team members can now register for the internal section of the Formula Student Germany Website (http://www.formulastudent.de/teams/all-known-teams/ ). In order to offer an as complete list of existing teams...

20. December 2005

Newsletter No. 2 - Why teams should come to Germany...

Category: Competition, General

The teams can take many good reasons to enter their race car for Formula Student Germany when registration begins on the 1st of February out of the second newsletter. Also, teams that haven't yet built a car will be welcomed....

04. December 2005

More than 250 students made first FSG workshop a success

Category: General, Academy

11 speakers from economy, science and experienced teams answered questions to organizational and technical topics at the first FSG Workshop. More than 250 students from Germany and Austria used this opportunity to discuss general...

14. October 2005

Formula Student Germany - Workshop

Category: General, Academy

A workshop to support teams will be offered on December 3, 2005 by the Formula Student Germany. It is open to all active and interested participants and will adress a wide array of Formula Student specific issues, covering...

12. September 2005


Category: General

At the stand of the VDI in the Galleria 9.1, Stand A18 (between Hall 8 and 9) you can receive an impression of Formula Student Germany. As an example students of the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund show their current car...

27. August 2005

Formula Student Germany at the IAA

Category: General

The VDI presents the project Formula Student Germany from 13 to 25 September at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Hall 9.1 (Stand A18). By the example of the TY2005 of the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund...

10. July 2005

Formula Student Germany Goes Online

Category: General

As of July 11, 2005 the Formula Student Germany website will be accessible to all interested.  Leading up to the first competition in August of 2006, the site will contain a wealth of information and functionalities. ...

10. July 2005

Beginning in 2006 - Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim

Category: General

Starting in August 2006, Formula Student Germany will be held on the grounds at Hockenheim.  Dr. Ludwig Vollrath described the motives of the Verein Deutscher Ingeniure (VDI) in realizing the goal of having a Formula Student...

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