27. February 2023

FSG 2023 Combustion Reunion - Registration Open

Category: Competition, Award

Dear FSG Community & Alumni Teams! FSG 2023 will be the last event in Hockenheim with a combustion class. Therefore, we would like to appreciate the last 16 years of unique engine sounds with our “FSG Combustion...

22. February 2023

Changes in the Electrical System Form

We have carried out a major revision of the ESF, which means that the EAIR is no longer needed. The EAIR deadline will therefore be removed without replacement. The deadline for the ESF will, however, remain in place. The purpose...

26. January 2023

FSG 2023 Kick Off: FSG Registration Quiz 2023 & World Ranking List Updated

Category: Competition, Award

Here we go again! Tomorrow, the annual FS Quiz marathon will kick off the season for the European Formula Student Events 2023! Be ready for the FSG Registration Quiz at 13:00 CET: We have prepared a great set of questions to...

13. December 2022

Electrical System Officer Qualification

Dear teams, since the very first Formula Student Electric Rules we wrote back in 2009, we have required a Safety Responsible person in the team who has HV experience. This was always intended to ensure that at least one person...

05. December 2022

Volunteers registration is open - on #InternationalVolunteersDay

Category: Competition, Registration

A Formula Student Germany without our volunteers would not be imaginable. Around 50 dedicated motorsport enthusiasts work hard to organize the event throughout the year. On site, over 400 helping hands transform the...

23. November 2022

Rules 2023 v1.1 published

The Rules 2023 v1.1 including your input are now published: https://fsg.one/rules. Thank you for all your feedback. We will answer to all tickets in the feedback tracker. Changes in v1.1 can be easily found using the...

04. October 2022

Rules 2023 v1.0 published - feedback welcome until Tuesday, 2022-10-18

The rules for 2023 are now published: https://fsg.one/rules. If you find errors or inconsistencies in the document or have a remark how to improve it, please use the Rules Feedback Tool to let us know. https://fsg.one/RF This...

14. September 2022

FSG 2023 - Battery Sponsorship for FSG Teams by Tesla

Category: Partners

As a part of our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, Tesla will be supporting student teams aspiring to build electric vehicles as part of Formula SAE and Formula Student competitions around the...

30. August 2022

Rules 2023 Request for Feedback

The Formula Student Rules Team is about to prepare the Rules 2023.  If you have found errors or inconsistencies in the Rules 2022 or have a remark how to improve it, please use the Rules Feedback Tool to let us know....

22. August 2022

FSG 2022 – Award Ceremony Part II: Congratulations to all teams

Category: 2022, General

It’s a wrap – FSG 2022 sadly has come to an end. After only a small event in 2021 it felt great to have you all back on track. The hard work during the whole year of designing, building, and testing the racecars has paid off. It...

21. August 2022

FSG 22 - Recap Day 6

Category: 2022, General

Many new faces were seen at the Hockenheimring yesterday as visitors kept pouring in. The stands were crowded, the track was full of cars, the students stood by with eager eyes and our volunteers made it possible to carry out...

20. August 2022

FSG22 – Recap Day 5

Category: 2022, General

Yesterday was all about cars on track, both for racing and the panoramic picture.Seeing so many students together on the track was amazing and overwhelming! The majority of cars cleared the technical inspection and could be seen...

19. August 2022

FSG22 – Recap Day 4:

Category: 2022, General

Today the cheers of students were heard echoing across the Hockenheimring. As of today, 43 of 66 teams have passed E-Inspection, 77 of 92 teams cleared M-Inspection and 17 of 27 teams successfully completed...

19. August 2022

Würth x FSG: In case of an equipment or tool emergency

In case of an equipment or tool emergency check out Würth's booth. It's worth it! “Racing is Life. Anything before or after is just waiting.” – Steve McQueen as racing driver Michael Delaney in the film Le Mans. To ensure...

18. August 2022

All you need to know about pictures – The FSG Media Guide

Category: 2022, General

The FSG Media Team works around the clock to capture moments from the event that should not be missed. If you are wondering where and how to access the images that have been captured, follow the steps below.

18. August 2022

FSG 22 - Day 3 Recap:

Yesterday, was momentous. With multiple things happening simultaneously, everyone is witnessing the tension rising at Hockenheimring. The day began with teams queuing up for technical inspection, and by the end of the day, 32...

17. August 2022

NIO x FSG 2022: Interesting talks with NIO experts on site

Category: Partners, 2022

Our partner NIO has a special offer for you! During the week their will be different NIO experts to discuss interesting topics about innovations surrounding electromobility with you! Check out the schedule and come by their...

17. August 2022

FSG22 – Recap Day 2:

Category: 2022, General

Yesterday we finally had all teams on-site at the Hockenheimring! The partners have been setting up their stands and the gates were also opened to visitors. From today also the partners booth are open as well as the FSG forum.The...

16. August 2022

The Academy on Site is back!

Category: 2022, General

Provided by our partners, the Academy offers free workshops to give students an opportunity for further training and an industry insight on various topics.The workshops will take place from August 17 to 19, 2022 in the South...

16. August 2022

Curious to see what happens behind the hidden doors of FSG?

Category: 2022, General

This year we are offering a special Behind the Scenes Tour for alumni and team members who are in their last active season. With this tour we will provide an unique opportunity to have a look behind the hidden doors of Formula...

16. August 2022

Guided Tours at FSG 2022

Category: 2022, General

Guided Tours will be hosted at the Hockenheimring this year for those who are interested in learning more about the concept and goals of Formula Student. We will explain the different classes of cars involved, the aspects of...

16. August 2022

FSG22 – Recap Day 1

Category: General, 2022

Today we finally opened the gates of the Hockenheimring for the first teams. Teams had the chance to settle into their pits and also begin their technical inspections. Despite the strange mix of heat and rain, everything worked...

15. August 2022

FSG 2022 has officially started!

Category: 2022, General

We are back with the 16th season of Formula Student Germany! With a total registration of 92 teams more than 2.600 students from 23 nations all around the globe participate at this year’s event. FSG 2022 is the first ever...

14. August 2022

We are getting ready!

Category: 2022, General

With less than 24 hours left, we are in full swing setting up the event site. Today we kicked-off with our Volunteers Welcome and started preparing the Hockenheimring for the competition, as the first teams are arriving...

17. July 2022

Engineering Design Competition – Best practices to excel

Category: Competition, General, 2022

We have prepared a little sneak peek into this years magazine. With the upcoming competitions, you will have to face the Engineering Design Event (EDE). Our Operative Team Member Robert Weingart has put together some useful tips....

10. July 2022

Only five weeks left!

Category: Competition, 2022, General

Formula Student Germany is right around the corner! With only five weeks to go, we're looking forward to seeing what everyone has been working on. This teaser gives us goosebumps - are you excited too? FSG 2022 will take...

22. June 2022

Johannes, you will be dearly missed!

On Sunday afternoon we received the shocking message that Johannes Kratzel, our friend and longtime FSG Officials team member, died in a lethal motorcycle accident on Sunday morning, June 19th. With only 35 he had to leave way...

28. April 2022

2022 FSG Siemens Digital Twin Engineering Excellence Award

Category: Award, Competition, Partners, 2022

For the 4rd year - at FSG 2022, Siemens Digital Industries Software is sponsoring the "FSG Siemens Digital Twin Engineering Excellence Award", a 10.000 EUR award to recognize 3 teams which have used the most...

19. March 2022

Volunteering @ FSG 22 - Register now!

Category: 2022

You can't get enough of Formula Student? Then join our great community of volunteers. It takes around 450 volunteers to bring Formula Student Germany to life every year. Our team of volunteer’s functions like a well-oiled...

13. March 2022

Siemens Webinar 20220315: Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Student Day

Category: Partners

Join the Simcenter Star-CCM+ Student Day offered by our partner Siemens scheduled for March 25th, starting at 14:00 CET. This event is especially aimed at engineering students and educators. During this 3-hour session you will...

07. March 2022

War in Ukraine

Category: General

We are shocked, upset and deeply saddened by the attack on Ukraine and the ongoing war in which people on both sides are dying completely senselessly, in Europe, in 2022. Year after year, about 1000 university teams from 54...

08. February 2022

Updating Your Remote Emergency System (RES) Device

Category: Competition, 2022

As stated in the rule DE 7.4.2 of the Competition Handbook, all RES must be of the latest 2022 hardware revision (with e-key). Older models must be sent in to Gross-Funk in order to be upgraded. This mainly includes a way...

29. January 2022

FSG 2022 Quiz - Feedback

Category: Competition, 2022

On Friday 256 teams finished the registration quiz for Formula Student Germany 2022. The results of the quiz have been published on Saturday, and we received a total of 94 feedback tickets regarding the quiz. After processing...

21. January 2022

Formula Student World Ranking Lists Updated

Category: Competition, 2022

In 2021, despite the ongoing pandemic, eight physical Formula Student competitions have been able to take place in Europe. We have collected the 350 results and updated the World Ranking...

18. January 2022

FSG2022 Competition Handbook V1.0 is online!

Category: 2022, Competition

The FSG 2022 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2022, identifying the key dates, deadlines and important information about the competition itself. It also gives details on the...

23. December 2021

Tesla Battery Sponsorship for FSG Teams

Category: Partners

As a part of our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, Tesla will be supporting student teams aspiring to build electric vehicles as part of Formula SAE and Formula Student competitions around the...

19. December 2021

FSG Grid Show Recap - Thursday

Thursday was the last live show held in the BW-Tower, as the Award Ceremonies on Friday and Saturday were streamed from the Grandstand. We were lucky enough to welcome some well-known guests into our studio, although you...

12. December 2021

FSG Grid Show Recap - Wednesday

In Wednesday's Grid show, we looked at Formula Student from the perspective of various participants. Firstly, we gained some interesting insights on the Technical Inspection. A big thanks again to our guests and experts in this...

05. December 2021

FSG Grid Show Recap - Tuesday

This was the day where Students got to prove their Formula Student knowledge! We turned our second daily Grid Show into a Quiz show! Representatives from three teams were invited to our studio to quiz against each other. For...

27. November 2021

FSG Grid Show Recap - Monday

As the 2021/22 Season kicks into gear, we want to wish all Rookies a great start to their Formula Student Journeys. As you've probably already heard from your experienced colleagues: Formula Student will be an unforgettable...

21. November 2021

Rules 2022 V1.0 published - feedback welcome

The rules 2022 V1.0 are now published. https://fsg.one/rules At FSG Academy next Friday there will be presentations about the intent of the changes within the rules. There will also be the possibility to ask questions. If you...

17. November 2021

Main Academy - Main Workshop - Registration is now open!

Dear Teams, as already announced we like to invite you to join the Main Workshop on Friday, 26th of November at 17:00 CET! Besides important information on the 2022 rules, we have invited the winners of FSG 2021 and our partner...

11. November 2021

TE Connectivity Webinar - It’s scheduled for November 19th, starting at 13:00 CET

Category: Partners

The webinar from our new partner TE Connectivity is focusing on electro-mechanical components in connection and protection systems for electrified E/E architectures.  Date and time: 2021-11-19 13:00 CET – 15:00...

31. October 2021

FSG 2022 Main Workshop 26.11. & Rules Update

Category: 2022, Workshops

Dear Teams, after a short  but well deserved break both you and ourselves are back to work on the preparation of next year's event. Two things we would like to communicate today: FSG Main Academy November, 26th This years...

21. August 2021

FSG 2021 - Award Ceremony Part II - We say thank you and congratulate all winners

Category: 2021, Award

What a week! After such a long break due to the pandemic, this week felt even more special.  Finally, all the time spent by the teams on designing, building, testing and optimizing their vehicles has paid off.  It has...

21. August 2021

Dynamics Update - Saturday

Category: 2021

It's a wrap - The Endurance is over! Our "Final Four", TU Valencia, DHBW Stuttgart, TU Stuttgart & UAS Esslingen successfully completed all of their laps. This marks the End of our Dynamics. Congratulations to all...

20. August 2021

FSG 2021 Award Ceremony Part I

Category: 2021, Award

Yesterday night the first Award Ceremony of FSG 2021 took place. Besides many Teams, Partners & Volunteers that joined us on the Grandstands of the Hockenheimring, many FS-enthusiasts from around the globe joined via our...

20. August 2021

Dynamics Update - Friday

Category: 2021

On Friday we continued with the Dynamics! In the morning the driverless cars hit the track during the FSD Trackdrive, which is already the last discipline for this class. In the afternoon the FSC/FSE Teams scored some valueable...

19. August 2021

Dynamics Update - Thursday

Category: 2021

The first Dynamic Day was packed! Starting of with FSC/FSE/FSD Skid Pad and Acceleration, we saw the Driverless cars performing in the afternoon during FSD Autocross. During these first dynamic disciplines the Teams scored some...

19. August 2021

Meeting our Partners - Siemens Software

Today, we would like to share the opportunity to meet one of our partners virtually. Siemens has set up an online Zoom-session to meet you. They will introduce themselves and share their passion about working for Siemens...

17. August 2021

FSG 2021 Academy Online- Registration open

Dear Teams, the schedule for the Online Edition of the Academy Onsite is now available! Starting tomorrow you can participate in different interactive sessions with our partners. Sign up for slot via the link in the schedule...

15. August 2021

Formula Bharat - A Look beyond the Horizon: Formula Student in India Part II

Category: General

Please enjoy reading the second part of our little excursion on Formula Student in India. For those who haven't read the first part in this year's magazine, it's worth it: https://fsg.one/h9jSL For the goosebumps moments have...

15. August 2021

Your Designs wanted - FSG All Star Car!

Category: 2021, Competition

Dear Teams, as mentioned in the Team Welcome, together we want to build the ultimate Formula Student car! How does it work? Tune in every night on 9:30pm to the FSG Live Show to get to know what's the upcoming part. Start...

12. August 2021

FSG 2021 Team Welcome

Thank you to everyone who join us tonight during our virtual session! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. For those who were not able to participate, we recorded the session. It is published on live.formulastudent.de and...

03. August 2021

Important Information for Virtual Statics

Category: 2021, Competition

Dear all,we have changed the judging days for FS-Driverless vehicles to Friday. This had to be done to balance the available number of judges on both judging days. In addition, it provides more time to transfer home for teams...

22. July 2021

Daimler Driverless AI Award 2021 [UPDATE]

Category: Award, Competition, 2021, Formula Student Driverless

Daimler has a vision of a future with fewer traffic accidents and less stress. We are working to achieve this vision through automation, electrification and connectivity. Automation is one of the biggest drivers of change in the...

22. July 2021

2021 FSG Siemens Digital Twin Engineering Excellence Award [UPDATE]

Category: Award, Competition, 2021, Partners

For the 3rd year - at FSG 2021, Siemens Digital Industries Software is sponsoring the "FSG Siemens Digital Twin Engineering Excellence Award", a 10.000 EUR award to recognize 3 teams which have used the most...

13. July 2021

Reaction to Open Letter regarding FSG Static Events

Category: Competition, 2021

Dear Teams, Thank you for the open letter regarding the static event schedule. We are aware of the situation caused by the rescheduling of FS EAST and we are eager to find a solution for each of the 26 teams that are currently...

04. July 2021

Launch of Scuddy Premium

Category: Industry, Partners

The time has come - the company "scuddy GmbH & Co. KG" of the two founders of RACEYARD (Formula Student Team at UAS Kiel) released the latest model of the "scuddy PREMIUM" electric folding scooter on...

23. June 2021

Vehicle System Solutions – Engineering Services at Vehicle Level

Category: Partners

Feature-based, modular development approach for customized complete vehicle solutions In recent years, the requirements in vehicle development have changed considerably. Stricter safety, emission and CO2 regulations, but above...

25. May 2021

Autonomous System Beginners Guide 2021/22 V0.9 released

Category: 2022, Formula Student Driverless, Competition, Academy

We are happy to announce that the Autonomous System (AS) Beginners Guide, based on the Rules version 2022 V0.9, is now available for download. It can be found in the Hands-On section: /academy/hands-on/as-guide/ This document...

20. May 2021

FSG21 Schedule - 80 Teams - Virtual Statics - Helpdesk

Category: Competition, 2021

Dear Teams, Partners and Friends of FSG,as we approach many official FSG deadlines, we would like to inform you on the following changes and procedures for the competition in 2021. All static disciplines will be held as virtual...

20. April 2021

Teamwork as a Foundation for a Successful Career – from the Motorsport Academy to Schaeffler

Category: Partners

"Schaeffler is a really cool employer, and I can definitely imagine working here." That was the statement given by Laura Vosseler in spring 2019 as one of the participants of the Motorsport Academy in Herzogenaurach....

12. April 2021

World Famous Motorsport Teams Use Versions of Mahle's Passive System

Category: Partners

The MAHLE Jet Ignition® system is a new combustion technology which replaces the standard spark plug in SI engines with a jet ignition pre-chamber assembly, without requiring a separate ignitior within the main combustion chamber.

10. April 2021

FSG Academy: Deep Dive Workshop on Electric Vehicle Design - April 16th

Category: 2021, Workshops, Academy

After a short break we are back with our virtual FSG Academy series! Make sure to register for our session on Electric Vehicle Design on Friday, April 16th starting at 18:00 CEST! You will be hearing presentations on...

09. April 2021

Close to the Customer, Right in The Middle of the Project: welcome to Bosch Engineering GmbH

Category: Partners

Tackling a project. Discussing, coordinating, developing. Defying the time pressure together. And at the end of it all: proudly looking at the results. Anyone who has ever participated in Formula Student Germany (FSG) will be...

04. April 2021

One Hour - Deep Dive Workshop on Simulating Autonomous Vehicles Using MATLAB and Simulink - April 8th

Category: Partners, Workshops

The next Deep Dive Workshop from our partner MathWorks focusing on simulating autonomous vehicles using MATLAB and Simulink is coming soon! It's scheduled for April 8th starting at 18:00 CEST! With advancements in the automotive...

17. March 2021

How ZF is automating next generation mobility

Category: Partners

In future, intelligently controlled and autonomously operating fleets of vehicles with shuttles and robo-taxis will make fewer individual cars necessary, especially in urban areas. Automated and autonomous driving will help make...

05. March 2021

Driving an Autonomous Vehicle in a 3D Simulation Environment with Recorded Synthetic Data

Category: Partners

With advancements in the automotive industry, various student competitions have introduced the driverless category, where the goal of the teams is to design and build an autonomous vehicle that can compete in different...

04. March 2021

Rules 2022 V0.9 published - feedback welcome

The rules for 2022 - the first year of the Driverless Integration in FSG - are now published.https://fsg.one/rules Normally we publish new rules in autumn shortly before the FSG Academy, where we provide a detailed explanation...

07. February 2021

FSG21 Quiz - Retake on Friday, 2021-02-12 13:00 CET

Dear Teams, this years quiz left us with some unexpected challenges. Some teams experienced huge delays during the submission of their answers to multiple questions. This lead to possibly correct answers not being recorded...

01. February 2021

ZF Driverless Challenge

Category: Partners

Autonomous Driving and E-Mobility are two main fields of our ZF Mission to the Next Generation Mobility. For us this goes hand in hand with our sponsorship of the Formula Student Competition. The times are changing rapidly and...

26. January 2021

FSG2021 Competition Handbook V1 is online!

Category: 2021, Competition

The FSG 2021 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules. Because of the pandemic we had to reduce the amount of teams and team members per team significantly. We know, that this is...

13. January 2021

Space Drive: Key Technology for Autonomous Driving

Category: Partners

In the future, autonomous and partly autonomous vehicles will have no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering gear. Schaeffler has a pioneering spirit as well as innovative strength and offers with Space...

11. January 2021

2021 Competition & Registration Dates

Category: Competition, 2021

The FSG Registration Quiz will be held on 2021-02-05 13:00 CET. This year, the competition will take place  from 2021-08-16 until 2021-08-22 in Hockenheim. Both of these dates have been chosen in coordination with the other...

03. January 2021

Design with Us the Future of Tomorrow! Working at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Category: Partners

At Siemens Digital Industries Software we work with passion. It drives us to develop new innovation processes and offer our customers solutions with which they outperform their competitors in terms of innovation and growth. The...

20. December 2020

FS in times of CoVid -19 – two sides of a story

During the pandemic, we talked to some Formula Student Teams to understand how Corona affects their work. One of the teams, CURE from DHBW Mannheim in Germany told us their story on the emotional rollercoaster of 2020. In the...

02. December 2020

MAHLE Opens Start-Up Space for New Business Ideas

Category: Partners

Innovative ideas are build best in a creative space! Following its innovation strategy, MAHLE opens a new Start-Up Space in Stuttgart, Germany. Curious? Check out their article to learn more about MAHLE’s new business projects!

16. November 2020

Using Physical Modeling to Design and Simulate an Electric Vehicle

Category: Partners

Modeling is a way to create a virtual representation of a real-world system that includes software and hardware. In this article, we will see how to model and simulate an electric vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink. It is valuable...

11. November 2020

FSG Academy: Deep Dive Workshop on Simulation - November 27th

Category: Academy

Great News! Our first Deep Dive Workshop focusing on simulation is already scheduled for November 27th starting at 18:00 CET! You will be hearing presentations on vehicle dynamics, CFD and FEA simulations both from top FS...

05. November 2020

Magna’s e4 – Powering the Next Generation of Efficient, Electric Cars

Category: Partners

As a technology leader, Magna contributes to sustainable mobility in the fields of e-mobility, autonomous driving, and future manufacturing processes. Regarding electromobility in particular: for the industry to be successful,...

05. November 2020

FSG Online Workshops & Blog

Category: Academy, General

The first virtual Main Academy on October 24th was a great success for us. More than 1.000 viewers from 34 countries worldwide joined us in the livestream. Among others, they listened to presentations on the FSG Rules 2021 and...

07. October 2020

FSG Academy Main Workshop October 24th

Category: Academy, Formula Student Driverless, Formula Student Electric

Registration is now open - Join us!

11. August 2020

Formula Student Germany goes global

Dear teams, partners, and friends of FSG, We are excited to share our latest project with you! In addition to our main competition in Hockenheim, Germany in 2021, we are exploring the possibility of organizing a...

31. March 2020

Update to Cancellation of FSG 2020

Category: Competition, 2020, 2021, General

Dear Teams, Partners and friends of FSG, Roughly one week after our sad but necessary decision to cancel FSG 2020, we are still in continuous communication with all European and international events monitoring the current...

22. March 2020

No Formula Student Germany Competition in 2020

Category: 2020, General

Dear Teams, Partners and friends of FSG, The current spread of the Corona Virus/CoViD19 is reaching a level of criticality which is higher than most of us would have expected. This situation calls for responsible actions from...

15. March 2020

COVID-19 and FS Deadlines

Category: 2020

Dear teamsDue to the impact of measures against the spread of COVID-19, we would like to make the following announcement: We are aware of the situation and understand the difficulties your team may face. The most important...

02. February 2020

Registration Quiz Results + Feedback

On Friday 334 teams finished the registration quiz for Formula Student Germany 2020, which has been a new record for FSG. 44 teams finished the quiz for the FSD class, 136 for FSE and 154 for FSC. The results of the quiz have...

23. January 2020

FSG2020 Competition Handbook V1.0 is online!

The FSG 2020 Competition Handbook has been created to compliment the Formula Student Rules 2020, identifying the key dates, deadlines and important information about the competition itself. It also gives details on the...

23. December 2019

Update Strategic Announcement

Category: Competition, 2020, 2021, 2022

Dear Teams, Partners and friends of FSG, First of all, we would like to thank the 43 teams who took the time to talk to us either on the phone or in person. It was very insightful and constructive, and despite learning more...

22. November 2019

Strategic Announcement - Thank you for your feedback

Category: Competition, 2020, 2021, 2022

Dear Teams, Partners and friends of FSG,   over the course of the last few weeks we received lots of feedback from multiple parties regarding our strategic announcement. We want to thank you for honesty and opinion....

22. November 2019

Thanks for joining FSG Academy powered by Magna International!

Category: Workshops

On Saturday more than 60 teams joined our annual FSG Workshop which took place at Magna International in Untergruppenbach. Besides information about the upcoming Hockenheim event and the future of the FSG competition, the...

27. October 2019

FSG Strategic Announcement - Feedback

Category: 2020, 2021, 2022, Competition

Dear all, we knew we would cause very controversial reactions. Still, we want to react to some of the points mentioned. It is a bold step and we are aware of that. When FSE and FSD was introduced, we received very radical...

24. October 2019

FSG Strategic Announcement

Category: 2020, 2021, 2022, Competition

Dear teams, partners and friends of FSG, today, we would like to present our concept for Formula Student Germany 2022. During the FSG Workshop last autumn we presented our ideas for FSG 2021, which set the milestone for the...

28. September 2019

2020 Competition & Registration Dates

Category: Competition, 2019

The FSG Registration Quiz will be held on 2020-01-31 13:00 CET. FSG 2020 will be held from 2020-08-17 until 2020-08-23 in Hockenheim. Both of these days have been chosen in coordination with the other European...

25. September 2019

FSG Academy main event 2019 powered by Magna International

Category: Academy, 2019

The yearly FSG academy main event offering support and information to Formula Student teams will be held on Saturday the 16th of November 2019 at Magna in Untergruppenbach. It is open to anyone who is a registered member of a...

17. September 2019

Update of FSG 2019 Results in the Electric Class

Category: 2019, Competition, Formula Student Electric

The official protests (rule A 3.7) of three FSE teams were processed by the FSG Officials. All protests are rejected. The official argumentation can be found in the FSG Penalty Publishing section. The concerned teams are...

14. September 2019

Rules 2020 V1.0 + Rules Feedback Tool

Category: 2020

The rules for FSG2020 are now published.https://www.formulastudent.de/fsg/rules/ If you find errors or inconsistencies in the document or have a remark how to improve the document, use the Rules Feedback Tool. This is to...

11. August 2019

FSG19 says thank you and congratulates all winners

Category: Competition, 2019

It’s been a long week on the Hockenheimring racetrack. Finally, all the time spent by the teams on testing and optimizing the vehicles has paid off.  It has been a very successful week of competing and racing! We...

10. August 2019

Congratulations to all teams - Award Ceremony Part I

We congratulate all teams that have received their well-deserved awards during Award Ceremony Part I on Saturday. Your dedication, time and effort was well-worth it. This marks the first part of Formula Student Germany this...

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