As a leader in technology in the areas of engines, drives, and energy systems, we know for sure: only the one who moves forward fast enough and who’s got the right engine to stay ahead of the competition can make it onto the winners’ rostrum. This does not only apply to the world of Formula 1, but also to the development of drive systems that are technologically and economically competitive. That’s why we at MTU have long since started to tackle fundamental questions of how we can further reduce fuel consumption and emission values. Therefore, about ten percent of our employees – more than 900 dedicated colleagues – are working in the area of research and development. For this reason, MTU has been supporting the event and the teams of Formula Student Germany with absolute conviction for several years. This is where ideas are born and contacts established, where those with experience meet those eager to experiment, and where the enthusiasm for technology is combined admirably with the art of engineering.

We are looking forward to this year’s FSG event at Hockenheimring where once again we can meet people who share our passion and who want to move the world together with us.